How to get Vidalia back - A step-by-step guide

last year

This is a how-to guide for people who want to use the traditional Vidalia UI with Tor Browser on Microsoft Windows. I have personalty tested these instructions, but they aren't endorsed the Tor Project and may be a really bad idea for some reason I haven't thought of.

Clear? Good.

[list=1][*] Go and Download the Tor Browser Bundle.[/*:m]
[*]On the same page, click "View All Downloads".[/*:m]
[*]Now select Microsoft Windows and download the Vidalia Relay Bundle.[/*:m]
[*]When both downloads are complete, install the Relay Bundle.[/*:m]
[*](Optional*) when the Vidalia window appears, click Settings, Sharing, and "Run as a client only".[/*:m]
[*]Install Tor Browser Bundle, but don't run it yet. (If you run it, just close it, no biggie.)[/*:m]
[*]Open the Tor Browser folder and delete the Tor folder inside.[/*:m]
[*]Now run it (Start Tor Browser.exe).[/*:m]
[*]You will, unsurprisingly, get an error that it couldn't find Tor. Click OK.[/*:m]
[*]Wait for a the browser to appear and tell you "Something Went Wrong!".[/*:m]
[*]Go to the Tools menu and select Add-ons.[/*:m]
[*]Click Options on the Torbutton line.[/*:m]
[*]Select "Use custom proxy settings".[/*:m]
[*]Change the SOCKS Host Port to 9050 and click OK.[/*:m]
[*]Click Remove on the TorLauncher line. Then click Restart now.[/*:m]
[*]Visit to make sure it all worked.[/*:m][/list:o]
By default Vidalia will run and connect to the Tor network every time you start Windows, so unless you stop it yourself you needn't worry about this. Tor Browser should now work like it used to, relying on Vidalia's copy of Tor instead of starting its own.

*If you've got a good connection (probably cable or fiber) why not leave it in relay mode and help out the network? Just lower the bandwidth if you find it slowing other things down. Note that this does not make you an "exit node", you only relay inside the Tor network so you needn't worry about getting arrested because somebody used your node to make death threat or whatever.


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