Windows Remote Desktop over Tor

last month

i am a developer and i'm thinking about writing a little TCP proxy application that lets the Windows Remote Desktop connect to a remote server not directly but via Tor.

The Remote Desktop client does not support SOCKS natively, so we need to use some sort of TCP proxy that does the actual redirect to the Tor's SOCKS port.
Is there an existing application which let me do this or i need to write it on my own?

last month

There are several solutions for this.

1) You can 'torify' any application, that doesn't support proxy. There are a lot of programs to do this: widecap, sockscap, opencap, proxify, proxifier, torify... Full list is here:

2) You can set up simple TCP port forwarding by either netcat or ssh -L and 'torify' only that port forwarder application, not RDP itself.

3) For Windows a combination of Tor & Putty seems to be sufficient:
Read this ... n-windows/
and then this viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18315#p19069 (5th posting by me).

4) Also you can try this application: Transparent TCP-to-SOCKS Proxy Gateway
Sounds like exactly what you need :)

3 weeks ago

cool i'll try that thx you!!

there's the possibility that RDP sends my IP to the server via its protocol messages, but i'll find a way to solve this, maybe setting up some API hooking in the RDP process to obfuscate the real results from the related Win32API calls.


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