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How can you manually use proxy without turning off Tor?

  rafaelpalmeiro   6 months ago

Hi. Please see the screenshot images that I attached.
When I use Tor Browser, the Tor button next to the address bar says "Tor Disabled" whenever try to manually setup a certain HTTP/HTTPS proxy ip address. Is there any possible way to use a certain proxy address without disabling Tor? ...

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Cant access any websites

  mindsword   6 months ago

ive tried on android, ubuntu and now windows, and i cant seem to get into any .onion links no matter what. what am i doing wrong
what i get:
Unable to connect
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion.
The site could be temporarily unavailable or to ...

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Tor new Market

  Edward123   6 months ago

I made new market in tor name "Agora market".

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Tor 3.5 starts without Vidalia Control Panel !?

  lonewolf300   7 months ago

Hello everybody,
I´ve installd the actual version of Tor 3.5 this evening (downloaded the tor bundle on torproject). When I start the program now the Tor Browser starts and works, but I miss the Vidalia Control Panel. The install-guide and the guide-video on torproject didn´t helped me, there

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which one are better, proxychains or Torsocks

  rubuo   6 months ago

I have configured them to go through Tor Network, but Tor message always report that they maybe leaking something, I try online DNS leak test, the proxychains show different IP than my DNS, and failed to test Torsocks. And I have proxychains torified VirtualBox, the guest system always connect to th ...

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Exit relay with PeerBlock?

  franc   7 months ago

I have installed Tor with Vidalia Control Panel and set in "Sharing" the Option "Relay traffic for the Tor network (exit relay)" and the CheckBox "Mirror the Relay Directory" (on Port 9030, which I forward in my router, also the 9001 Port).
As "Exit ...

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Running Tor on my Iphone 5?

  Coolzero   7 months ago

can i use Tor on my Iphone 5, to get anonymität on the iphone?
I see in cydia is a Tor tweak,
but when i enable this, Safari shows my real IP.
I use this side to controll my ip:
What can i do?
Thank you

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Simple relay setup

  vilrockerdefer   7 months ago

I followed the instructions to setup a non exit relay on my home windows 8 machine but some of the steps in the tutorial present in don't match the events that I encounter.
In the end, I am "connected to the tor network", the port forwarding test returns "failed to retr ...

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[Torbrowser bundle 3.5] issue on Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.1

  geps   7 months ago

Is anyone experiencing trouble with torbrowser bundle 3.5 for Mac OS X 10.9/10.9.1?
Installed today... previous version (64 bit) worked well on 10.9, but with new version (only 32 bit available for download) tries to download pages, but goes in time out...
I sniffed traffic, and it seems try ...

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Multiple WAN IPs

  bob2000   7 months ago

My computer is behind NAT and my router is connected to two ISPs (both fixed IP addresses). The router is configured for load balancing (nth scheme) and as I understand is the cause of the log being flooded with "Our ip address has changed" messages. If I specify IP using Address parameter in torrc ...

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Some issues

  lpvmc   7 months ago

Hi all,
I have set up Tor, as a client, to find out how it works and if I like it. As suggested I downloaded and installed the latest Tor-bundle.
Okay, it is slow which I understand and accept.
According to the information on the download page Vidalia is installed within the bundle, but ...

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Vidalia log errors

  WacoJohn   7 months ago

On a previous version of Tor Bundle, I was running a non-exit relay. Noticed an announcement there is a new version available ... torbrowser-install-3.5_en-US.exe. To my surprise, it does not come with Vidalia and I did not know how to set up my relay without it (Vidalia). I went and got vidalia- ...

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Windows Remote Desktop over Tor

  joeforte23   8 months ago

i am a developer and i'm thinking about writing a little TCP proxy application that lets the Windows Remote Desktop connect to a remote server not directly but via Tor.
The Remote Desktop client does not support SOCKS natively, so we need to use some sort of TCP proxy that does the actua ...

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How can we use Tor with Stop Spammers Registration Plugin?

  lgv   7 months ago

A log in with the TorBrowser on a WordPress blog is blocked by the Stop Spammers Registration Plugin.
Can we use Tor with such blogs? Perhaps by modifying the header sent by the TorBrwoser or does the Plugin exclude Tor nodes?
Thank you very much!

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Unable to start

  Made   7 months ago

When starting Vidalia an error message tells "another vidalia process is probably already running...." I may then proceed but I do not get connected to tor. ANy solution? I have tried to check all programs that officially bloch internet access (norton utility and spyhunter) and allowed to. ...

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proxychains other programs

  brembrem   8 months ago

I have configured the proxychains through tor network, type proxychains firefox and hit enter in the terminal, couldn't find my real IP address when I am using the firefox&flashplugin, will it still protect my IP if I proxychains other programs and using them?

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will the proxychains leak something?

  brembrem   7 months ago

everytime to use proxychains to torify another browser, the message log window from Vidalia control panel showing a new message: [Mon Dec 12 23:22:13 2013] Potentially Dangerous Connection! - One of your applications established a connection through Tor to "" using a protocol that ...

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Tor Network Map: exit Servers/exit Nodes

  adrenalina   8 months ago

I've just started using TOR and I like it however there're things I still have to better understand.
In the Tor Network map, relays are listed. Let's say I'm interested only in those with the English flag, so from Great Britain. I sort them by nationality (and bandwith) and I obtain ...

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Your server has not managed to confirm its ORPort is reacha

  tornoob   8 months ago

I've been running a tor relay (non-exit) on windows 7 for the last couple of months with no issues. I've confirmed previously that my tor relay was listed in vidalia's 'view network' and I have confirmed my relay is being used with vidalia's 'view bandwidth' when I haven't been personally ...

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Did I set up Privoxy with I2P and Tor right?

  Anonymoose   8 months ago

I installed Privoxy, Tor, and I2P. Then I added the following lines to the privoxy config file:
forward-socks5 / .
forward .i2p
forward 192.168.*.*/ .
forward 10.*.*.*/ .
forward 127.*.*.*/ ....

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