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Torify a network/Network tunneling?

  schema   5 months ago

I would like to torify my whole network. I have linux running on all of my machines. I simply want to tunnel all web traffic through my local server to all my nodes instead of having to install and configure tor/polipo/proxychains for each node. How do I do this?

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Java plugin not working

  Python   5 months ago

Hi, so i have this strange problem.
I am using Firefox with the Tor browser to get around a block and the site loads and everything but the java puglin will NOT run, I know I have the current java installed, I have checked many many times.
My guess is that Firefox Tor is not detecting my jav ...

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keyboard doesn't work with Tor Browser

  santa monica   6 months ago

I use the actual Tor browser 2.3.25-14 and ubuntu 13.10 (saucy salamander). I start Tor in the command window (./start-tor-browser), the cableless keyboard and mouse (Logitech) are working, the vidalia control panel opens, after having connected to the Tor network, the Tor browser window (firefox) o ...

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Using my work computer

  Rannison   5 months ago

I apologize for the inconvenience if this is already covered somewhere, but Google won't come up with anything and the forum search function says my search terms are too common (I'm not sure how else to word the search).
I intend to use TOR on my work computer at the office, but all of o ...

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Problems with Tor and Vidalia

  tooooom   6 months ago

Hey guys, Do any of you know of good intructorials for getting Vidalia working with Tor Currently they are not connecting and functioning together .. even tho I downloaded them together and have them both installed.

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Downloading data via server

  Szaman   6 months ago

I need to download data from a server using TOR. I start Tor normally through vidalia. When I use python command via IDE it shows me, that my IP is changed, but when I use the same script via cmd it shows my true IP.
Can you tell me, will my IP be changed when I connect to the server or ...

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Tail OS

  bufumg   6 months ago

Can Tail OS tunnel all other softwares not including in the original Tail Linux through Tor? If not, which can?

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Configure Tor Browser To Use Proxy

  Inter   6 months ago

I would like to route my traffic as follows MyComputer --> TOR ---> Proxy ---> Server. I tried to configure Tor browser to use a proxy but it seems to me that this stopped Tor working. My idea is that I want to hide the fact that I am using TOR from Server. So what is the simpliest working ...

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download-tor-browser WARNING

  zionysus   6 months ago

not sure who to tell about this or where to post it but i wanted to inform someone.
i searched 'tor browser' and the second entry was "download-tor-browser" which i selected. the tor logo looked legit so i clicked 'download' but it didn't download tor, it infected my machine with somet ...

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TBB in FreeBSD

  marktor   6 months ago

Could someone please help me install and run the Tor Browser Bundle in FreeBSD?
I've downloaded the tarball and extracted it. I've installed the linux compatibility layer. However, whenever I run either start-tor-browser or just firefox (from the App/Firefox directory) I get these errors respect ...

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  berngans   6 months ago

Can you help me please

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Vidalia setup help

  Zettabyte   6 months ago

lm trying to setup a relay bridge and l keep getting waring messages
"your server( has not managed to confirm that it's ORport is reachable"
" Failed to open GEOIP file c:/..."
any ideas on what could te the solution.

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  zipzap80   7 months ago

i use the default tor browser bundle from a usb drive and want to add my private proxy after connecting regularly to the tor network because a lot of website just block all tor exit nodes.
can someone help?

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Tutorial: SSH over Tor

  TOR Hacker   last year

Step 1
To make an SSH conection over Tor you'll need a small program called 'connect.c'
It is available in many Linux distros in the pakage named 'connect-proxy' or 'connect'
Or you can build it from source:
Microsoft Windows version is also avil ...

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What E-mail Account to use with Torbirdy

  fxv   7 months ago

I have been using the Torbirdy extension to Thunderbird and GMX as my e-mail provider. It was working fine until today, when I received an SMTP blacklist message when trying to send e-mail. I tried 3 different IP addresses and they were all blacklisted. I am able to send e-mails with gmail but I wou ...

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dns leak?

  zipzap80   7 months ago

when i visit the site 'whoer . net' to check if i am anonymous it shows me a "dns" ip thats of a different country then the exit node ip.
i know it can be prevented by turning off javascript but the most website wont work without javascript.
can someone explain for dummies what tha ...

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Difference ExitNodes, StrictNodes, StrictExitNodes?

  pstein   8 months ago

In various Tor Tutorials and forum postings I found different versions of exit node restrictions
ExitNodes 1
StrictExitNodes 1
StrictNodes 1
Whats the difference?

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Send ALL traffic to tor

  geps   7 months ago

Hi all.
I'm new in this forum. I can't find nothing useful with the search option, so I decided to start a new thead.
I would like to setup a VirtualBox machine that sends all its traffic through tor.
I'm using Debian squeeze, and I have installed tor correctly.
I followed instructio ...

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is there any extension for use tor browser with chrome?

  scarletXD   last year

I wasn't aware that there was a good Tor extension for chrome.
I can't seem to find it in the extensions directory. Can you point me in the right direction?

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Problem Tor and Recaptcha

  vitti92   8 months ago

Hello everyone, I use ubuntu with Tor Bundle Browser.When surf with Tor Browser, when there is a captcha, after I complete that and click for the next page,the page is blank.There is a solution for this problem?Thanks.

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