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Same Old: Establishing an encrypted directory connection

  quint   Dec18

Tor gets stuck at the "Establishing an encrypted directory connection" stage.
Unable to connect through either the Direct Connect Option or the Configure option.
Unable to connect despite using bridges.
Windows 7; trying to connect on my university's network.
Do let me know if you ne ...

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Peer to Peer VPN

  biebergaga   Dec18

Is it possible to add to Tor Peer to Peer VPN capability similar to
thanks a lot.

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Do TOR web server services download a file to Chrome Mobile?

  DHorse   Dec18

Hi folks, Just for fun I'm using my mobile phone to access a site that almost exclusively is accessed using the TOR browser.
I am getting a mystery file periodically download on to my phone that gets replaced at certain times.
It looks like encrypted data
The file is NOT attached. Don' ...

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Tor Private Investigation

  wy8earp   Dec18

Can I find my wife's old text messages somehow using tor? There is also some deleted videos that I am trying to recover is there a way to recover those items for legal matters.

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Tor hosting

  DavidMatrix   Dec18

Anyone used AnonHosting or Hidden hosting ?

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IP for UK servers

  DarkCorner   Dec18

I new for TOR.
My friend wish to do bets into UK bet servers like Betfair but these need UK IP address (we live in Italy)
He has downloaded TOR+Vidalia bundle and installed in Windows 8.1 but then he asks me some help for their configurations.
From some blogs I read how to find the finge ...

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Privatoria reliable VPN

  privatoria   Dec18

Privatoria is a secure service which provides anonymous surfing. It includes Secure VPN and Anonymous Proxy.[/img]
[i]Easy to use
There is no need to set up any Open VPN software on your device
Tor integrate ...

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FREE Tor Email - T0RMAIL - Webmail - Anonymous & Secure

  mailmoi   Dec18

The New T0RMAIL - Anonymous, Free & Secure Tor Email
Tor/Onion: http://epjhlyfgxenf2q4o.onion
250MB Disk Space, Roundcube Webmail

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How to create SSH chain connection over Tor?

  emil701   Dec18

I have two remote Ubuntu servers - VPS1 and VPS2. On VPS1 i have Tor daemon installed. I am connecting to VPS1 through ssh from my local machine and from VPS1 i am connecting to VPS2 through ssh over Tor. I followed this guide and setup V ...

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how to use Tor EB

  hongwang777   Dec18

The latest Tor Expert Bundle version is tor-win32-
i can use tor-win32-
but i don't know how to use
who can help me? Thanks a lot!

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Tor dead

  mannint   Dec18

I have problems with tor last weeks. It is dead most of the time, especially at evenings. After starting TBB it works only few seconds, than pages stop loading and connection dies. So I have to restart, but failures comming again. No error messages, just some connection failures, traffic is down. Do ...

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Complete list of all active darknet marketplaces

  sydneyjames   Dec18

Alphabay - > pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/affiliate.php?aff=45866 <- invite link ---- Uptime 95.95%
Abraxas - > abraxasdegupusel.onion/register/KzNsmQ7uvA <- invite link ---- Uptime 98.34%
Agora - > agorahooawayyfoe.onion/register/Yp38jeoAcz <- invite link ---- Uptime 80.17...

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ClearClick in NoScript

  EatOnionRings   Dec18

The ClearClick handler appears as the only option without any "default".
Albeit the Notifications are default for "show Warning".
Can anyone offer any information. im unable to find any @Documentation.

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Does using a &quot;Private Window&quot; do anything in Tor?

  magicmarvin   Dec18

I'd assume all the privacy settings are ramped up to the max in Tor so that opening "New Private Window" rather than just a normal window is a no-op, but I thought I'd check.

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ok I just found this I need to dl latest version for android

  179er   Dec18

I'm not very smart at dl stuff esp when it involves more the hitting a dl button I need to know the latest version for my galaxy s5 where to get it and how secure it really is and what I need to do to dl and get it working properly and how to know if it is working properly please help

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why does tor need correct ip to start

  noobytor123   Dec18

why does tor need correct ip to start?

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Setting up Tor Relay (Windows)

  Desdinova   Dec18

For some reason Tor can't reach my relate at ORPort 443, I've check canyouseeme and it says the port is open. Below is my torrc file:
DataDirectory C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor
GeoIPFile C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor\geoip

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Is It Safe To Use Tor Browser And UTorrent At The Same Time?

  darkguyver   Dec18

I was just wondering if it's safe to browse the anonymously net using Tor Browser while using UTorrent at the same time to download/seed a torrent? I know for a fact that it's not a good idea to run UTorrent while using Tor and that UTorrent will make your actual IP Address visible to anybod ...

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Basic question

  torit   Dec18

i'm new here,
I've been wondering, if i have a few devices on same home wifi network, and i'm using tor+freenet on my pc, while at the same time my iphone is accessing my gmail acount,
does the iphone reveal my ip adress since it is accessing google from the same home network?

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Is Tor causing these problems?

  Hugheen   Dec18

Since installed TOR (which I admire) I've been getting repeated messages that my computer is causing "Unusual activity", on some sites I have to put in a capcha but my
real problem is that I get shut out of my email program because of unusual activity. I reset the password and go on ...

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