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Christian Slater is 'Hans Reiser' in 2015 film

  ohhellothere   5 months ago

Christian Slater is 'Hans Reiser' in 2015 film, "The Adderall Diaries"
# Christian Slater:
# to play - ... 6183314433
# Hans Reiser -

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changing tor search engines

  1173k   5 months ago

Does anyone know how to make ahmia or torch my default search engine in tor?

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  dragontail   6 months ago

I have been researching and trying to do this all day but I just can't seem to figure this out.
I got a windows VPS that I acces with Windows Remote Desktop Protocol ( RDP ). Now I want to connect to my VPS thru TOR.
I found out this is defenitly possible using "p ...

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How do I Use Specific Tor Relays?

  mohsentux   5 months ago

How Can I Configure torrc To Connect to a Specific Relay??

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Tails 1.3 is out 2-24-15

  brokemywindows   5 months ago

Changelog: ... /changelog
Numerous securi ...

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Message: Potentially Dangerous Connection!

  mifudd   last month

Hello Forum,
I get this message in the TOR Message Log:
Potentially Dangerous Connection! - One of your applications established a connection through Tor to "" using a protocol that may leak information about your destination. Please ensure you configure your applications to use on ...

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Wifi not working after I have removed Orbot tor

  hongkong   6 months ago

I have a google Nexus One, and I recently installed orbot tor, I thought it was a vpn app and it would be easy to use for a 'tech noob' like me, well It didn't work for me and I uninstalled it from my phone but now my wifi is still not working and I have googled a number of times and I haven't bee ...

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Having problem edditing torrc

  cybafish20   6 months ago

I am trying to add/change a setting for "MaxCircuitDirtiness" - it defaults at 10 (minutes)
I am trying to change it to 1 or 2, but anytime I apply and then close and repon tor, it changes back to 10 minutes.

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Can't configure exit nodes

  thetoruser   6 months ago

I want to configure an exit node to concrete address. I use the Tor Browser. I open "Tor Browser\Data\Tor" folder and then open file, named 'torrc' (without extention). I add the following strings:
StrictExitNodes 1
so, in result I have the following file ...

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not able to connect tor network

  kunalmeena   6 months ago

i just downloaded tor browsers and installed it when it asked which one of the best describes your situation i chose the first option(as it says it works in most situation)
the tor status is not at moving forward it is connecting to relay directories i waited for three hours so that the ...

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Orbot wont work

  k3nny   6 months ago

I recently got an ASUS zenfone 4 and decided I wanted to use tor, I downloaded orbot and orweb from the google play store but when I go to start tor I says "Torrc config did not verify" and when I go into the Log it says
Orbot is starting
Orbot is starting
waiting for control port
t ...

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Cheap Fitted Kitchen Sale

  merpatiputih   6 months ago

Cheap Fitted Kitchen Sale. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. £ 595 Each with appliances.Tel 01616-694785

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Tor saves previous activity?

  thetoruser   6 months ago

I downloaded the Tor Browser and use it. I started Tor Browser and tried to register to facebook. Facebook asked me a mobile phone. I tried some my mobile phones and all of them were incorrectly (already used). Then I closed the Tor Browser and opened again. I checked, IP address is diffe ...

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  sydneyjames   9 days ago

Any new user registration link will work as long as they start with http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion/register/(Code) it doesn't matter who, or where they came from. I'm guessing all these are all referral links from the OP's wanting to get commission's from you.
Here is the OFFICIAL list of registr ...

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  Herri   6 months ago

List of tested and fully working Agora Registration links.
All links were posted in the subreddit for Agora referral links and are working 100%. You can use every link, if you use them randomly every single user who provided his link has equal cances of getting some coins as benefit. Thanks, and ...

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The Cheapest Bitcoin cloud mining available anywhere

  sydneyjames   3 months ago

PB Mining is the new face of instant Bitcoin cloud mining with 1 GH/s currently offered for 0.0056 BTC. This is far less than any other other Bitcoin cloud mining services currently available and there's no electricity cost like all other bitcoin mining site, meaning that PB mining is at least ...

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vidalia stay yellow

  dupont   7 months ago

i arrive to connect with tor.. but vidalia do not scan all the "network tor" proxy client... unable to connect to 109....... Connection refused..
I can surf in dark
i cannot have a green vidalia
i am connected with a FAI: name "Free" on a public poi ...

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Tor "Download an External File Type?"

  atcttiwut   7 months ago

Question. Download an External File Type, comes up. Is they're a way to see the URL. Went to to download file, want to see file URL to download but it doesn't tell me. Is option available?

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Tor.exe question

  Magic8Ball   7 months ago

Hi all,
So i recently returned to college, the previous semester Tor worked fine, but today when I tried to use it to access deviantart i was greeted with a dialog box telling me tor.exe could not be launched. It appears the IT department has blocked tor from launching. I run tor from my portabl ...

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Set Sail For TAILS (Linux) Fail!

  w4t3rw0r1d   7 months ago

Hell, IMO if TAILS were serious they would roll a hardened Gentoo distro (or OpenBSD) without so many packages and without so many odd additions, including:
1) The 'Whisperback' package
2) Not shipping with '' and 'do_not_ever_run_me' in /usr/local/sbin and removing a ...

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