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You don't need to install an 'Tor server with less 250 KB/s

  lsmod   8 months ago

You don't need to install an 'Tor server with less then 250 KB/s, because it is ignored by the Tor network!
Simply read here:
and of course here:
It's really a sad story ....

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ExitNodes {cy} tor is stuck

  nour   last year

I am runing tor 4.0 i tryied to add ExitNodes {cy}
in Tor Browser->Browser->TorBrowser->DATA->Tor->torrc and added the line ExitNodes {cy}
but when i restarted tor browser it got stock in "connecting to tor network",
i would be thankfull if someone help ...

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Cut Price Kitchens UK

  chmymjdf   8 months ago

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vidalia is refresh list of tor relays

  tkircszp   8 months ago

Hello everyone. I using vidalia+tor. Every 15-20 min vidalia is refresh list of tor relays. How can I set 60 min or bigger?

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how to print webpages from tor browser

  aspiringguru   8 months ago

I'm feeling like a total NOOB.
How do I print web pages to .pdf or save a web page to a file from the tor browser?
Normally I would install a print to pdf plugin but guessing that would be high risk of breaching the security tor offers.

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Discount Kitchens Sale

  MosQuiTos007   8 months ago

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Get around imposed tethering limit

  Guineafowl21   8 months ago

Hi all,
Just getting started with Tor after being introduced by a friend - great fun browsing while knowing there's no-one tracking me to send unsolicited emails trying to sell me stuff, etc.
I have no landline or fixed broadband in my house, and it would cost over 1000 GBP to install one wh ...

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error message when starting tor

  axioma   8 months ago

when I start TOR in Manjaro I get the following error message in Terminal:
Dec 30 10:49:18.714 [notice] Tor v0.2.5.10 (git-42b42605f8d8eac2) running on Linux with Libevent 2.0.21-stable, OpenSSL 1.0.1j and Zlib 1.2.8.
Dec 30 10:49:18.714 [notice] Tor can't help you if you use it wrong! Learn ...

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Private Messages

  jfh   last year

I have received 3 email messages during the past few days from the private messages portion of this forum - the titles of the messages appeared to be in Russian or similar script. Since I do not read or speak Russian, I deleted the messages without opening them. Has anyone had a similar experienc ...

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orbot can't connect to a socket

  da man   4 months ago

I'm using Orbot v Apr 18 on Android 4.4.2 running on a Samsung Note 3. The previous version used to run OK but this version now gives an error that it can't connect to a socket.
Here is a log:
Orbot is starting…
checking local port is available: 9050
Tor socket 9050 is not

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Pinterest found a bot when using Tor, apparently

  Redstar2613   2 months ago

I went to pinterest on Tor and I got this message:
Uh oh! We've found a bot
It looks like there's a bot running on your network. Send us a message with your IP address and we'll help you get going again.
Your IP is:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Could this be this real, or just some kind of mistake ...

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Complete failure

  Poly HIve   last year

Running Win7.
Downloaded the package to desktop, open the folder and click the shortcut for the browser and the circle whirls for a few seconds and that is it. Nothing then happens at all.
Suggestions please.

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Reconfig ORPort 9001 to 443

  ReesAcheson   last year

I have been running a tor relay configured to use ORPort 9001 for a a while now. I have read that it would be better to use port 443. I reconfigured torrc to use orport 443 and iptables to allow 443 in. The computer is a Raspberry Pi running linux and is the only computer on this IP address (ther ...

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Can not make tor work

  TEEH   last year

Hi, some time ago I was able to use TOR in my Notebook windows 7 based but something happened I just can not remember and now after installing and uninstalling tor about 4 times including the latest version it simply does not start, any idea
Also I installed TOR Android version in my Galaxy S3 ...

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Issues with configuring Vidalia on Debian

  hotelgarage   last year

I'd like to request help with an issue I'm having with Vidalia. I'm trying to run a Tor relay node via the graphical interface on Debian Wheezy. It does not connect automatically connect to the Tor Network at startup. It says "Vidalia was unable to authenticate to the Tor Software. (Con ...

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What's the current situation of Vidalia?

  BurnedEyes   last year

Hi, I'm new in this forum and I have a simple question about Vidalia.
I'm making a little tutorial about the basics of Tor, and I don't see any mention about Vidalia in the front of the website. I found this folder in the server, but I don't know if Vidalia remains officially maintained by the T ...

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Directory confusion

  rhester72   last year

I set up my web server to proxy my dirport to port 80 (to try to make things easier for folks who are firewalled) and found something interesting.
The following requests were proxied successfully with code 200 (by count):
12 /tor/server/d/[...]
9 /tor/server/authority.z
8 /tor/server ...

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Runnning proxychains on TAILS

  tammytails   last year

Hello all. This one has stumped me and its time to get some help from the linux gurus..
Trying to connect to a proxy via sock5 on TAILS 1.2 using proxychains
Configured TAILS to install proxychains as per ... #index13h2
Edited proxychains.conf no p ...

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How to store passwords in Tor Browser?

  nuos   7 months ago

Edit -> Preferences -> Remember passwords is greyed out.
I don't care about security. Is just for unimportant passwords.
In past there was a setting in Tor Button. No longer.
How to store passwords in Tor Browser?

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tor browser crash when always private browsing disabled

  stronghold   last year

I am having troubles with the tor browser for windows 7 x64:
When I set the browser to "keep history" instead of preset "always private browsing" then the browser crashes everytime I close it.
This is not happening when always private browsing is active.
Problem signature:
Problem Ev ...

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