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New Tor user: How can Facebook still set correct language?

  SlowFlow   last year

Well I'm wondering: How can Facebook set the correct language when I'm using Tor? I've checked my IP adress and indeed, it's somewhere at the other side of the world. But, when I visit Facebook it displays the site in the my own language, as If it still can see where I'm from.
I expect ...

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TAILS 1.2: Torbutton in crazy DEBUG mode dumping ALL history

  tor2   last year ... 07243.html
Torbutton in crazy DEBUG mode dumping ALL history to ~/.xsession-errors
Some of the truncated entries:
# Torbutton INFO: SSC: Set cacheDomain to
# Torbutton INFO: Torbutton debug output ready
# Torbutton INFO: SSC: Segmenting ...

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tor disappeared /where are bookmarks

  tor   last year

the other day my onion icon that had launced tor before just stopped working. now when clicked leads to a pop up that says "couldn't load XPCOM." (I am not sure that was the original pop up but I think it was.) Also, I did a windows search and the whole tor file was gone.
so I re-ins ...

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Some kind of tor.exe bug or non harmful deprecated code?

  TORsurfer   last year

I saw in Message log many groups of these info:
Oct 18 04:56:40.250 [Info] resolve_my_address(): Address 'host' resolves to private IP address ''. Tor servers that use the default DirAuthorities must have public IP addresses.
Oct 18 04:56:40.250 [Info] router_pick_published_addr ...

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how to recieve SMS in tails ?

  Fightra88   last year

hello, i have a built in umts networ adapter in my laptop, and i use tails linux, it works and i even can connect to the internet over my sim card, but i would like to use it to recieve SMS on my Computer, i read about umtsmon but i cant just download it via the paket manager, can anyone help me or ...

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No UPnP-enabled devices found

  mkay   3 weeks ago

So yeah, other programs manage to use UPnP perfectly.
The mapped ports are showing up in the router info, Windows services run properly, I have made identical copies of Windows Firewall settings and only adjusted the program for the rule, I even shut down one of the programs using UPnP and stole ...

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Cant get P.B. torrents

  jhnorct   last year

Hi - I cant get pirate bay torrents with Tor. I cant get them with normal IE and FFox (did this as a quick test), but I cant get them in Tor either. I get re-routed to a 'The address wasn't understood Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (magnet) isn't associated with ...

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Unlimited Facebook likes

  darkhole   last year

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noob with tor, simple problem im sure

  drRokaLub   last year

Ive setup an old vista desktop and downloaded the tor bundle so I can access websites my ISP blocks, however I cannot access these sites such as As I say I am new to this so I'm sure I'm missing something simple here...? Would really appreciate any ideas and suggestions, I notice two re ...

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ORBOT in Androi 4.2.2

  SardaoVoador   last year

Hi everyone!
Could anyone help me configuring ORBOT? I have tried really hard but can't make it work, it used to get stuck at 85% and now 5% is the most I can get.
Scenario: I need to use calendar and email apps IOT organize my work. I work on a big company, internet is available over WiFi a ...

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i Can't Access Any .onion Sites On Tor Browser

  mertesto   2 months ago

hello everyone. i can access only some sites. (silkroad, torchan, hidden wiki, agora forum etc.) how can i access every tor website. when i try enter websites i'm getting this error (The connection has timed out) how can i fix that error and access every site ? (sorry my english is so bad)

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TOR wont load any .onion please help!

  GandalfTheCray   2 weeks ago

hey guys, not sure if this is the right area but here's my issue.
I can't get TOR to work.
I've tried clean installs, googled for a whole day trying to find people with the same problem but their solutions didnt help.
Whenever i enter a .onion in the url all it does is wipe whatever i pu ...

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tor 3.6.6

  nour   last year

i downloaded tor 3.6.6 and i tried couple of times changing the ip to show france ip/geolocation
but it didn't work for me so do i have to download an older vsrs
Or if there is a good guide about staying with one ip all the time
thanks from ...

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tor browser 3.6.3 on windows 7 does not connect

  manit123   last month

hi ,
My firewall is turned off .
Copy tor log to clipboard says
01-08-2014 20:03:00.788 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on
01-08-2014 20:03:00.788 [NOTICE] Pluggable transport proxy (fte exec Tor\PluggableTransports\fteproxy --managed) does not provide any needed tran ...

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Cannot fool French TV

  gfheiche   last year

I live in the US and would like to watch French TV.
So I used the TOR browser (modified by adding in torrc ExitNodes {fr} and StrictNodes 1).
But his did not fool They answered "A l’étranger ?"
How could they find out that I do not live in France?

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Multiply your Bitcoins

  bitcoin   last year

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How to edit torrc in orbot

  mobbynoob   yesterday

How to edit torrc in orbot mainly i just want to use my exit nodes and not the ones provided by the standard config.
Still not even adding one exit node works.

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Tor as default browser impossible?

  Thoreau   4 days ago

I would like to set the Tor browser as my default browser but the setting in options/advanced is not working or will not hold. Browsers like Firef. or Palemoon behave as they should. How do I fix this? Win7.
Thanks for your advice!

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Tutorial: RaspPI Tor Wifi Access Point Without Logging

  NSA   last year

This step-by-step tutorial explains how to install Raspbian with Tor on a Raspberry PI remotely (without connecting a keyboard/monitor to the Raspberry PI).
It is based on the Onion PI tutorial from Adafruit but has many changes and additions. Every step needed to make it work is mentioned in th ...

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Tor client Linux (DEB) is by default client or relay?

  a2423575   one week ago

Hi, quick question: in default linux/deb installation the config file is fully commented (# , /etc/tor/torrc). Does it mean it works only as a client or as a relay? If relay, then does it work as exit node?
I couldn't find relevant information in FAQ/Docs and I was worried that after installatio ...

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