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BTC Mixing services links

  whosyours   7 months ago

everything you can find through the darknet
http://bitmixegkuerln7q.onion/ - Darknet
http://cleancondgqja34b.onion/ - CleanCoin
http://fogcorevmbk2jfqv.onion/ - BitcoinFog
http://blenderi54mbtyhz.onion/ - BitcoinBlender
http://grams7eo7mkagczs.onion/ - Helix Light

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am i being monitored?

  libertarian-hippie   8 months ago

im wondering if when i click the tor onion when on site and it tells me the places im jumping from and then it says relay 3 times does that mean im being monitored? because it only happens sometimes its not a consistant situation

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Is it safe to allow scripts on in Tor Browser?

  ufheg2   8 months ago

On one is required to allow scripts to access areas such as one's account information and statistics. Will allowing to run a script (in Tor Browser) compromise one's anonymity and reveal one's real IP address?
I don't know what kind of script uses, or if ...

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Will my past lack of prudence affect my anonymity?

  justaguy   8 months ago

In the past, I have to admit, I have been super careless on the internet on and off tor. It was almost reckless, doing things that could jeopardize my future and internet anonymity which I value.
I am just curious how difficult it is to clean up your dirty trail. I'm talking about things like p ...

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Captcha revisited mid 2015

  EatOnionRings   8 months ago

What has been improved in terms of possible "leaky Captchas"?
Its been a year or more since one govt possible claim of leaky captcha and mis matched exit node(s)
helped break Tor anonymity.
I have seen the blame on google for the captcha's.
I have a terrible time with the c ...

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New IDM captures Tor downloads? False or True?

  HurryUp10   last year

I always visit some email accounts using Tor.
And Tor always was able to download attached files by itself.
Recently, I updated IDM (Internet Download Manager) to 6.23.
Unexpectedly, I saw IDM handling that attached file when I clicked to download it.
So, my question is ho ...

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Tor over PIA

  mc118   last year

I am using the proxy service Private Internet Access (PIA) in Windows 7. They provide an app which when installed seems to channel browsers through the VPN without any special configuration by me. For example I am currently using Firefox 37.0.2, I have made no configuration changes, but Google thin ...

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How TOR knows all nodes

  thetoruser   last year

Tor has ability to look at all nodes, which used for creating "way" between my PC and target resource. How TOR does it (as I understand, each node is secured and next node should not know anything about previous) and why?

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wondering what is the best way to stay anonymous

  Screwlegg   last year

I'm kinda new to this so I just wanted to learn to be secure before using the tor network to look up stuff I am looking for the best ways

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Using Tor Browser without being connected to TOR

  alek   last year

I'm mostly not doing anything that requires absolute privacy online, so I do not want to block up the TOR traffic with my everyday browsing.
I still hate being tracked on the web and would like to use the TOR browser because of it's configuration which is tuned to provide the server with as litt ...

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Do computers have an identification?

  ericvogert32   last year

Hi, so I was just curious if computers could themselves be identified while browsing the internet. For example, could an experienced hacker gain access to a computers serial number while browsing online, or anything else that would allow that person to fallow the computer's identity?

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Using a Private IP Address, a Private VPN... while using Tor

  tnt211   last year

I am attempting to conceal my identity, or I should say the identity of my computer by hidding my ip address and also preventing web sites like Amazon and Facebook from installing cookies and flash cookies onto my hard drive. If I were to use a private ip address, a private vpn, and then ...

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Upload pics with TOR BROSWER

  Anonymail92   last year

Hi, (sorry for my bad English I'm using a translator)
I am the admin of a major blog on wordpress of politic, denouncing corruption in my country, but this is very dangerous in my country.
For this I use Tor Broswer to protect me.
I wanted to ask: In practice, I loaded on my blog an imag ...

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Will Tor keep me safe with the new Aus "three strike" Law?

  Redstar2613   last year

Recently in Australia they passed a three strikes law, which basically means that if you download a tv show etc, you get 3 warnings via email and then you're in trouble. I don't know if streaming counts but I assume that it would.
This page explains it in more detail ...

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How is it possible target ads in own language with tor?.

  paulus231   last year

i find it very strange that i get specific ads in my own language (dutch) when i am using tor, i also test it if i am not have a ip within my country but that was not the case.
I get the ads on a game site, i tested it several times with new accounts and a new tor identity but i still ...

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Language Translator for Tor

  mmalive   last year

Hello Tor family, I would like to ask for help with language translator for use with Tor safely. I have a hard time with the many pages filled with different languages to understand them. I do not know which plug ins or software to install so I came here for any help. Please advise. Thanks so much.

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first Tor

  CornGod156   last year

I recently found an incentive to start using Tor browser. I never understood what the benefits are until I was prompted to do some research. However, as soon as I started looking into it, I immediately found there being problems with Tor - ... tor-users/
T ...

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Privatoria secure file transfer and data storage servic

  privatoria   last year

Privatoria is a secure file transfer and data storage service.
Key features are:
[list]256 bit AES encryption for the data itself and SSL encryption for the transfer channel. It means the service themselves can't view the encrypted file as it's transferred over an encrypted channel.
Th ...

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Sales Jobs Plymouth

  eefendhi   3 days ago

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Test for REAL anonymity.

  Paggy   last year

I search a serious website to test test Tor or Incognito. A website who test to know my real IP whit Java, Flash, ActiveX, RealPlayer, Quicktime, Acrobat Reader, or other program: I REALY WANT TO KNOW IF I AM ANONYMOUS
Thanks a lot!!
Please excuse my English

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