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just one ever replies!

  richie2   last year

Just looked down the list, and what an odd forum, no replies to anything much!

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Running a script on youtube

  richie2   last year

If I dont run a script using the tor button, videos on youtube(html5) will not work. Is it safe to stay in html5 but disable the noscript toggle button? No warning comes up when I do this.

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Cheap Kitchens Midlands

  ridbwrpl   last year

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What would happen?

  VerizonUser   8 days ago

What would happen if you added your MSID number to both your phone and message block lists? I did it and got some pretty interesting results.

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I wanted to thank you.

  IvanNef   2 weeks ago

????? ??????

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Protection form having my pc confiscated ?>

  xcaret   2 weeks ago

I'm wondering would Tor be useful in the event that a p c was confiscated by some authority who searched it. Would they not find the emails the user had sent along with the messages and the email address it was sent to ? Or made purchases from?
Maybe I'm missing the reason Tor exists, but I'm o ...

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Bypass Watchguard

  Da Real Pope   2 months ago

Hi everybody!!!
I wanted to know if there was any way to bypass watchguard.
When I'm in "school" it seems like it can't even properly get on the tor network...
I'll be back there just on monday, so I guess you'll have to wait for any screenshot... :/
Thanks in advance!!!

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Keeping webpage anonymous

  toreador   2 months ago

I believe I've done what's necessary to keep my new simple website anonymous. Contacted hosting (Trilightzone) with a Countermail account via TOR. Set up domain and hosting. (they also give domain privacy) I paid by mailing a blank money order, and never gave a name.
I use Tor whenever possible, ...

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How can i make TOR safer? Using Tails

  canadianboy5   2 months ago

Hello toghether,
i use tails with tor...
How can i use a proxy before tails connect to TOR?
example this scheme:
tails -> tor -> proxy -> website
tails -> proxy -> tor -> website
tails -> proxy -> tor -> proxy -> website
or the ...

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Silk Road Sunk By Leaky CAPTCHA

  commenter8   4 months ago ... y-captcha/
“The IP address leak we discovered came from the Silk Road user login interface. Upon examining the individual packets of data being sent back from the website, we noticed that the headers of some of the packets reflected a certain IP addr

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wget prior to 1.16 (SECURITY ALERT!) 10-29-2014

  neo   2 months ago

wget prior to 1.16 allows for a web server to write arbitrary files on the client side.
A Metasploit module is available for testing: ... /pull/4088
the disclosure is here: ... tem-access
Redhat's bug ...

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Setup TOR browser to surf as safe as possible

  TORsurfer   2 months ago

Read this before you visit any sites! The purpose of this guide will be to try to help you to setup your TBB to surf as safe as possible.
On the Embeddings tab check Forbid Java, Forbid adobe flash, Forbid microsoft silverlight, Forbid other plugins, Forbid /, Forbid , ...

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U.S. Government based income 60%

  franc   4 months ago

is there any thread about the relation between security and theU.S. Government based income which was in 2011 60%?
I didn't find this in the forum (the search doesn't work here in this forum, all words are "too common").
It seems obvious to me, that a project fincanced to 60% by U. ...

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Question about logging in to various websites

  avg_joe   3 months ago

Hi all, new to the forum here. I have a question, is it safe to log into sites through TOR? For example, if I log into my bank account or a site like Amazon or Ebay to make a purchase while using Tor and the address uses an HTTPS connection, will my web activity still be secure/anonymous? Or does lo ...

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Anonymous blogging

  Visfor   3 months ago

I read a post about anonymous blogging, but it was written in 2006, and things have changed since then.
When I am using Tor, all of the free blogging sites I have tried to join (blogger, wordpress, tumblr) are using javascript. Some of them will let me create an account (some won't even let me ...

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quietnet: Simple chat program using inaudible sounds

  DeniseW   4 months ago

Simple chat program using near ultrasonic frequencies. Works without Wifi or Bluetooth and won't show up in a pcap.
Note: If you can clearly hear the send script working then your speakers may not be high quality enough to produce sounds in the near ultrasonic range. ...

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Tor Operations Security (Tor OPSEC) & Security Resources

  gumppingpong   4 months ago

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ INTRO $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Tor Operations Security (Tor OPSEC) & Security Resources:
and covered here with comments: ... opsec.html
A few things are missing in this docum ...

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Raising GnuPG key size limits and making ideal .conf files.

  gpghelper   4 months ago

Here is a link to a bash script I found that increases the GnuPG key size limit beyond 4096 bits.
The page also provides an ideal GnuPG .conf file.
The way this script raises the key size limit is by ...

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Captive portal

  newbie   4 months ago

I have a pretty basic question about how TOR works with captive portals. I tried to find anything about it on the TOR website but failed.
So, if I have access to the internet through a captive portal, I have to open another browser than the tor browser, log in, and then leave this other ...

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Tails Download over SSL exposes untrusted certificates

  papa123456   6 months ago

So, i noticed whilst the whole website is served over SSL, once you attempt to download the ISO image of tails you are taken to the following link: ... -1.0.1.iso
note the http, i thought why would the download be unencrypted if the whol ...

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