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One time form submission

  thatdude   4 months ago

Can anyone tell me how anonymous you'd be if using tor browser bundle, you filled out a simple html submission form on a web page. (page contains no java, plugins or extras)

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Anonymous blogging

  baron   7 months ago

Hi dear ppl. I have a question regarding anonymous blogging. I used a non traceable email account to register with my blogging provider. I choose a free (wordpress) account. And I use Tor to upload my posts to my blog. Because of the regularity of my posts I am starting to fear if my blogging activi ...

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The 23rd Usenix Security Symposium materials (free DL)

  voteforpedro   4 months ago

The 23rd Usenix Security Symposium concluded this month in San Francisco, California, and true to their commitment for open access to the material, have immediately made it available on line. Have a look at the following links:
- Main Page: ... l-sessi ...

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Google Chrome/Chromium Direct Downloads?

  voteforpedro   4 months ago

I'm searching the web looking for complete off-line installers for:
Google Chrome and Google Chromium - Builds for WINDOWS.
Each download site (like file-hippo) offers a tiny installer file which must download the remainder of the program.
What I need are direct, full, off-line installer ...

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Applescript to create new identity

  unknowndude   5 months ago

Is it possible to create an applescript on my mac to renew my identity, say, every 30 minutes?

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Should I mix bitcoins directly to marketplace?

  baneit   6 months ago

I want a fast and clean method of using my bitcoins on the darknet so I came up with the ideea to use a mixing service (like ) and put my marketplace deposit address in the output field. I know it's not a great ideea to mix coins only with the marketplace mixer in case someone ...

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Imei,mac adress...using tor

  Pathurn23   6 months ago

Hi,I want some clarification on the IMEI and mac address using tor.
1-if i connect my tablet (wifi + 3g) to a public wifi hotspot without sim inserted and without any personal account registered on it and using tor, are sent to the provider information as a the imei number or mac address? I mean ...

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Big cartel and tor

  Sweet puff australia   6 months ago

G'day first time on the forum.
I want to run a legitimate online business through big cartel using paypal as the payment method.
We will be fulfilling the orders and intend to keep this open permanently but would like the satisfaction of anonymity. The paypal is setup and past the temp stage ...

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this website - ?? attempted to access image data on a canvas

  auto78900   7 months ago

this website - ???? attempted to access image data on a canvas ?
So what is the website trying to do ?
to find out what images I have on my computer ?

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how anonymous/Safe is TOR

  tealsack   last year

say. Curiosity get's the better of me. Cause it has before, (i'v done some pretty dumb things for curiosity during my youth, though never anything illegal, except maybe smoking weed, or being in place i wasn't suppose to) . And say shit hits the fan, and I go on the the contraband site, and child p ...

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Possible to obscure traffic from ISP/local router?

  MrZinka   6 months ago

Hey all, I don't have a readily available networking specialist to ask this of so here goes:
Goal: obscure all internet traffic in/out of my main desktop to/from my router/isp.
Conceptualization: Run an Ethernet cord from my pc to a router(not sure if this term applies) serving as a proxy/ga ...

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ISP is VPN at same time

  ethan1   7 months ago

Hello, i do not know much about networks and i have an old ADSL modem (over phone line) using dynamic IPs.
long time ago when i bought this modem and set it up the first time, the IPS told me that i should establish a VPN connection to the ISP itself.
now i am doing this and using it like th ...

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Pay in Bitcoin/Litecoin And Get Dollars Instantly

  xCoinMoney   7 months ago

"Fixed Price Merchant" is now available, is a service allowing merchants to sell products or services in Bitcoins or Litecoins and get dollars on their accounts. In other words, buyers pay in Bitcoins or Litecoins and you get Dollars instantly. ...

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Bitcoin/Litecoin/Primecoin/Dogecoin Payment Gateway With 0%

  xCoinMoney   8 months ago is a Bitcoin, Litecoin, Primecoin, Dogecoin and Dollars online billing processor, that accept payments just as credit cards or PayPal with transaction fees of 0%, Our service is anonymous, safe and secure.
Merchants can integrate this on their website or shopping cart ...

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LastPass + TOR = Anonymous?

  TORisaTOR   last year

Dear friends of TOR,
could you give me your idea whether using TOR in conjunction with
the password manager LastPass would compromise my anonymity?
LastPass stores passwords on their servers. I do not know how often
it needs to be accessed. Once per browser session (one could switch< ...

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Problems Compiling Freenet

  Trynxia   8 months ago

I know this is a bit off topic...., but yeah, I didn't know where to ask otherwise, and it is still privacy related, so yeah
Hello people
For already a while now, I am trying to compile Freenet.
For those of you who do not know Freenet; Freenet is one of the "darknet"/privacy ...

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Length and Time Attacks

  torfan   8 months ago

So let's consider this attack model:
The enemy can surveil all traffic at an internet-provider $ISP, therefore all traffic that goes from a $ISP-Customer to the $ISP (or any other customer) and back.
Let's also assume the enemy can surveil all in- and outgoing traffic from/to a specific ser ...

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Tor and windows updates

  traibunu   8 months ago

Hey there,
I was recently browsing via TBB and a message about windows update popped up. Do I lose my anonymity if I let Windows download the updates by itself, since it sends information to Windows servers which are necessary to download the needed files? As you might know, it would not be down ...

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Tor together with another browser

  johanlist83   last year

Hi guys. I am not very knowledgeble as regards to computer security. So hoping you have a clear answer for me.
If I use Tor my anonimity is assured. But what if I run at the same time another browser like Internet explorer or google chrome. Would that jeopardize my anonimity of my doings in Tor? ...

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How to run all Windows traffic thru proxy?

  postcd   last year

Hi any solution how to run all computer connections thru proxy (i have socks5), i dont wish to install another crappy application, would be good if i can achieve without it.

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