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Don't Use PayPal Anymore!!!

  xCoinMoney   last year is a new Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dollars online wallet that allows you to securely transfer, use and accepts bitcoin, litecoin and dollars currency.
xCoinMoney operates two kind of account, personal account and business account. The fees are very low https://www.xcoin ...

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email and uploading privacy questions

  tordude2014   6 days ago

Let me be clear:
I don't need the messages themselves to be encrypted and unreadable. I just want to know my IP address or other data can't be linked to myself.
I can create an email address on say Microsoft Outlook (or others that don't require a phone number) from the TOR browser. If peopl ...

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  lock   4 months ago

Dear Tor users. Have you heard about Freenet? This is what we can read on
Freenet is free software which lets you anonymously share files, browse and publish "freesites" (web sites accessible only through Freenet) and chat on forums, without fear of censorship. Freenet is de ...

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Facebook over Tor

  trommler   3 months ago

I'm somewhat new to Tor and just learning about best practices and how everything works.
If I must use Facebook (obviously it's better not to have one), am I better off using it through the Tor browser or through Firefox without Tor?

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How anonymous is Tor?

  danblukk   3 months ago

Lets go to the extreme and say a user looks at some truly dodgy shit on Tor.
Maybe looking at sites that sell weapons, drugs, child porn or some other crazy shit like that.
Can they expect the authorities to be kicking down their door in the coming days?

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Ideas of secure and anonymous system/computer.

  lock   5 months ago

I want to introduce you with the idea of secure and anonymous system/computer.
Every system with proprietary software lacks in field of safety and anonymity.
So we must focus on free open source system like Debian. Part of the features listed here are exists in systems like Tails, QubesOS an ...

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What is the safest email?

  steadfast   3 months ago

In order to become Tor enabled, one must submit an existing email, no? Which email server can ensure the most anonymity, security?

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Emails deleted by provider when out of date

  brembrem   last month

Most free email providers will delete the emails when you have no login for some months. No one want to see there important emails get deleted, so I want to ask is there a free email provider who keeps your emails for years?

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Anonymous Payment Gateway With Bitcoin/Litecoin

  btcmerch   3 months ago

Bitcoin/Litecoin is a good alternative to other payment
systems like paypal, credit cards and etc. Bitcoin/Litecoin
is cheaper, safe and easy to use and is anonymous. is a Bitcoin and Litecoin payment system gateway ,
that accept payments just as credit car ...

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Magento Plugin For Bitcoin And Litecoin

  btcmerch   last month Magento plugins allows accepting of bitcoin/litecoin payments at Magento-powered online stores.
It accept payments directly into your personal bitcoin/litecoin wallet.
It accept payments in bitcoins/litecoins for physical goods and services.
It adds ...

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Anybody can help me?!

  AfroditaTup   2 months ago

I need to contact with Moderator
Do know anybody him contacts?

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Ipredia and Tor

  sakiri   3 months ago

Hello, I just came across - secure Linux distro, that contains
* I2P Router
* Anonymous BitTorrent client
* Anonymous e-mail client
* Anonymous IRC client
* Browse Internet anonymously
* Find anonymous eepSites (i2p sites)
Has anybody tried it? ...

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Tor network (Orbot for android.)

  The_Watchman   3 months ago

Hello there, I just joined this forum, in search of answers to further my knowledge of the tor network. I recently found a file archive on the deep web that had various files, and I managed to find the latest version of Orbot for android, so I downloaded & installed it a bit too hastily, seemed fine ...

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when i google my location it comes up as the white house

  gringalwald   3 months ago

it happens every time i load tor and using a new identity doesn't help. are they tracking what sites i visit or something?

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100% anonymity with TOR. Is this possible?

  TOR Hacker   last year

Well, in general the answer is YES, but you should always keep in mind these points:
1) On TOR exit-node all your traffic comes UNENCRYPTED. Also, it could be altered. So to use TOR securely, use only secure protocols with internal encryption. For example
HTTPS - secure, HTTP - not
S ...

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Mempo - new security/privacy project

  lock   4 months ago

Dear Tor community.
We are users and fans of Tor and very appreciate what you are doing for privacy. We would like to use Tor in our project and help to promote it even more.
We are creating super secure and private system based on Debian called Mempo. I think you will find this interesting, ...

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Lobbying against websites refusing TOR

  whywhywhy   4 months ago

Many sites don't let you use TOR or you must enable javascript : why not take actions against them ?

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Secure and anonymous Linux with Tor

  lock   5 months ago

There are some distributions using Tor on default:
- Tails
- Incognito
- quantOS
What do You think about Tor integration in this distros. Any problems with using these systems you like to share?

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  Papa John   7 months ago

So guys, any thoughts on Obfsproxy?

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VPN + Tor = more anonymity?

  loverock   8 months ago

Hi everyone,
A question to all the security experts out here. Is there any profit in using both VPN and Tor from the positions of anonymity?
I personally thought there is, for a couple reasons: 1) By using the VPN -> Tor junction you are hiding the fact of using Tor from your ISP, hence lo ...

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