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Internet2Tor Proxy

  lonny   Dec18

Is it possible to make server redirect all traffic (to specific udp and tcp ports) to another server through tor? I mean that we start a hidden service on the 2nd server. Then all traffic coming to the 1st server is redirected to the 2nd server by using .onion link but not IP address.

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Tor can't read directory - can't change this

  Djkuhpisse   Dec18

I have installed Tor on Ubuntu Server 16.04. It won't start, because the file I specified in the torrc file can't be read by Tor. I think the user that runs tor is debian-tor. Is this correct? I changed the owner of the directory with chown. It won't help. What can I do that Tor can read ...

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Problem isolating webserver to Tor

  lewren   Dec18

Iv followed the walk-through on: ... nion-site/
And it looks to be about the same as in the sticky post here in the forum.
Although when I do the nginx server { config to listen to the nginx stops accepting connections both on deep and ...

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Hidden Website(?)

  NewUser1   Dec18

I was now looking through the net for some hours without finding any solution, so i decided to try it here now.
My Username is btw. true and i'm really new to tor and even this site so i dont know if this is the right part of the forum and i'm sorry if not.
so here is what i want to ask:

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How about TOR encryption on the server side?

  archway   Dec18

It seems to me that TOR has a major failing in that after the exit node the connection to the server is in the clear. Is there some way to run TOR all the way end to end?

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Tor is connected not only to guard node

  babotop1   Dec18

Several times a day I notice that Tor is not only connected to the guard node but also to other ip adress. Sometimes three or four ip adress. This is normal ?

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BTC Mixing services links

  whosyours   Dec18

everything you can find through the darknet
http://bitmixegkuerln7q.onion/ - Darknet
http://cleancondgqja34b.onion/ - CleanCoin
http://fogcorevmbk2jfqv.onion/ - BitcoinFog
http://blenderi54mbtyhz.onion/ - BitcoinBlender
http://grams7eo7mkagczs.onion/ - Helix Light

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Cheap TOR Hosting Service ;-)

  macdark   Dec18

I find a hosting TOR - BlackHost. He are cheap and i buying a LITE package.
All is okay. You can get trial on this site.
If u want create own hidden site like me - check him and take a reviews: http://bkhost2axfr3o7n2.onion.

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Run appache server using tor

  sheldon   Dec18

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if you have or know of a tutorial approach to create a server using tor on my computer,
I would like an apache server on my pc and that goes through tor.
My server will host the .com or .net sites, I do not want host site .onion
How to do this?
T ...

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TOR not reachable

  Mellnik   Dec18

I am volunteering multiple tor relays. But I faced a problem by one of them.
My config is set to ORPort 443 and DirPort 80.
I am on CentOS7, SELinux and NetworkManager is disabled, iptables is installed and firewalld removed.
I have the exact same setting on all of my other se ...

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Kitchen Units Cheap

  Awasgila   Dec18

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Decentralized Hosting, remodeled after Bitcoin's blockchain.

  Vio   Dec18

Decentralized Hosting, remodeled after Bitcoin's blockchain promises privacy!

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hidden service , FORUM

  newWORLDorder   Dec18

Hello , i want run an .onion forum , i want ask something , remember months ago when i discovery tor , hidden services , etc ... i found a guide where say need tor + privoxy .. now i found new guide here , ... ce.html.en this guide don't mean anything about pr ...

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new hidden ircd in onio space

  nihil73   Dec18

new hidden irc daemon at irc:5mczx4w7srz5sxkl.onion 6667.
/join #wearefrozen general discussion forum just to introduce ourself soon more channels to come about privacy ,cryptografy,anonymity, network and nerver administration and more to come .
nihil73 (the operator)
contact me at nihil ...

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Onion service w 2048/4096bit RSA privatekey, how to host it?

  shrek_likes_onions   Dec18

2048 bit RSA is proven to be more secure than 1024 bit, so with the help of Scallion
I have generated a pair of hidden service hostname + 2048 bit private key for it
(there were 1024b 2048b and 4096b options, I decided to choose the middle)
Now, I am trying to launch the hidden service, ...

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site certificate invalid warning

  zeb   Dec18

hi I am trying to set up a bridge via help but get this warning I am using an old G4 Powerbook . is this safe to use?

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Vidalia Client cannot find GEOIP files

  asingh   Dec18

I am running the Vidalia Client ( in the "Help Censored Users reach the TOR Network". I downloaded it yesterday off the website.
I keep getting these two messages:
Nov 27 16:43:53.249 [Warning] Failed to open GEOIP file C:\Users\xxxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\tor\geoip. We've b ...

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whats a good cms for DNM sites?

  trocx   Dec18

hello im looking for a cms suitable for a darknet market such as hydra evolution ect

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Need Help running a onion Service

  joeblow   Dec18

I need help running an hiddden Service
I use savant for that and at the end when i try to call my onion site I get following message:
Unable to connect
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost.
I used the Instructions on ...

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  ettore88   Dec18

Hi guys!!!I'm a new user.I ask you how you can choose a uk ip using the latest TOR version?Thanks in advance!!!

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