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Create hiddeen service of remote virtual host

  ghuyt886   4 months ago

i need to create a hidden service of a website accessibile thru my home lan network, from my pc ( where tor is also running i connect to, points to (i know cause i've pinged it). the problem is that is a vi ...

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what is .onion websites?

  tor3match911   6 months ago

i want to a ".onion "site . How to do?

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Restarting Hidden Service from new Server

  muteh   6 months ago

If I start a hidden service on some VPS, and then move to another VPS, how do I restart the same onion address, or do I need to just use a new address.

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Running an .onion website with Orbot + Orweb

  Loki   7 months ago

Hi guys,
I noticed that a recent release of Orbot (v., if I'm not wrong) includes the custom TORRC option in settings. Since I've successfully tried to configure a hidden service with TOR Browser, I would like to know what to write in the TORRC file created by Orbot and Orweb, to host my ...

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MySQL as a hidden service

  paddygra   last year

I am just wondering if it is possible to run MySQL (or any DB for that matter) as a hidden service on Tor.
The main point of all this would be to hide the servers location/IP rather than to prevent people sniffing user/pass info etc.
There would be no webserver running, just the M ...

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Running a secure-only - and a hidden mail server.

  dannycrafts   last year

Hey all,
I'm wondering something. I'm trying to look into the possibilities of the following. I want to (1) set up a mail server that only accepts mail that was sent encrypted, and (2) set up a Tor hidden service that (also) runs a mail server (the same server if possible).
One thing I'm try ...

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Can I specify introduction points manually?

  sakiri   3 months ago

When hidden service is setting up, it chooses randomly some Tor nodes and asks them to act as introduction points. Can I control this phase? Can I choose these nodes manually, or at least specify countries which I want my introduction points to be in?

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Hidden service not reachable

  anyone   2 months ago

I'm trying to set up a hidden service on a Debian machine.
When setting up the first time all went according to instructions but then the hidden service suddenly stopped responding and I couldn't get it back online. Purged and re-installed Tor and tried again and it worked for a while again. Th ...

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How to run hidden onion server? Step-by-step guide.

  Admin   8 months ago

1) Buy any cheap VPS.
You can find good deals on and also check out with examples of some common VPS installations, such as web-server.
2) Install nginx, mysql, php or anything your website needs to run.
3) Configure your web-se ...

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Multi hidden services on same server?

  wjohnson   5 months ago

seeking tech assist. how can i run mutliple hidden services from one server? partitions? see real need for hosting services and want to create for the community cheap hosting.

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Running Hidden services

  frankyale   5 months ago

i dove head first into ubuntu, nginx, tor yesterday. pulled an old win vista dt, wiped, loaded ubuntu. found some instructions for installing lemp. after some gnashing amd hours i able to render info.php at my generated IP address. edits to nginx config. so, i can render htm/php. i was able to gener ...

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