Is there any reason in VPN over TOR?

6 months ago

Ok since I can't get VPN over TOR working, I've created a complex psychological rationalization for why I don't need it. Here goes:

With just VPN, VPN Company knows who you are and what you're doing. They are committed to privacy and won't let hostile agents break the law to extort any data they have. And that data should be nearly non-existent since they claim to not keep any logs -- they should be throwing away all such data on session termination.

With VPN over TOR... VPN Company still knows what you're doing, but they get the exit node's IP instead of yours. At first glance this may seem like anonymity, but since your ability to connect requires a unique, valid account, they could easily discern your IP address based on payments or connection history if they wanted to, provided you've connected to them directly in the past or registering an account.

So..... what's the point of VPN over TOR again? End of the day, if you don't trust a VPN service, there's no reason to use it for anonymity, right?

I'd love to be proven wrong

6 months ago

Wrong! :]

The key is preventing VPN service to know who you are in every and each case. From the very beginning of using it. Of course this is required only if you need to transmit "extremely critical" information.

6 months ago

I think (in general) you make fine points. This is why I think it is far superior to do Tor over VPN. Connect to the VPN first and then exit out of Tor. The VPN can never see what you are doing, except that you are in Tor. Tor exit nodes are fine with encrytped web sites and fine for anonymous/stealth browsing. And you can use it with the VPN UDP protocol and requires no speacial setup.

For the thread readers, please keep in mind that with the above solution you will not be able to tunnel transparently everything over TOR so you will have to specifically configure applications to be tunneled over TOR.

On top of that and more importantly remember that as usual you will not be able to tunnel UDP over TOR, while with OpenVPN over TOR you obviously can transparently tunnel everything, including UDP, over OpenVPN over TOR. Finally and perhaps MOST importantly, with the above solution you can be trapped and tracked by a malicious TOR exit node.

Therefore just plan carefully which partition of trust best suits your needs.

5 months ago

But they still have my payment info.

8 months ago

The tracking of payment info problem can be solved by using a provider that provides token based access purchasable in Bitcoin.

Currently, is the only VPN service I am aware of with this type of payment infrastructure.


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