Why does a Tor server need VDSL or fiber?

2 weeks ago

I tried to run a tor server and was astonished that it isn't used after 5 days.
Asking for the reason gives the answer that a minimum of "at least 250 kilobytes/s each way" is required.
(I only have small DSL and can suffer below 80 KB/s)

So server with less then 250 KB/s seems to be dropped in the network!
Has this strategy started in April 2014?

Loss of relays in the middle of April 2014

Why this is not published in the installation guide or in the FAQ?
You don't need to try to run a Tor server if you don't have fiber or at least VDSL!

When i have a close look at the statistics i can't undestand the data, because it does not really fit with this strategy.

13000 MiB/s maximum Bandwith (advertised bandwith)
=> For 7000 relays = 1,8 MiB/s = 1901 KB/s

6000 MiB/s real traffic (bandwith history)
=> For 7000 relays = 0,86 MiB/s = 878 KB/s

7000 relays
4200 bridges

2000000 users without bridges (only relays)
=> For 7000 relays = 286 user / relay

Then no more relays are wanted?
This seems to be much users per relay!?

=> For 2 Mio. users 6000 MiB/s traffic = 3 KB/s per user

That's a poor bandwith per user.
How does this match together?


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