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Configuring a fast Tor non-exit relay for Windows users

  TORques   6 months ago

Download the TOR Expert Bundle (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003 Server, ME, and Windows 98SE). Contains just Tor and nothing else. You'll need to configure Tor and all of your applications manually. This installer must be run as Administrator.
Download link: ...

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Update to TOR Browser 5.0

  sprants   6 months ago

Hi all,
I have a problem with update to TOR Browser 5.0 on SO win10.
Automatic update that generated this error:
XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
Location: chrome://browser/content/browser.xul
Line Number 1401, Column 11: <toolbarbutton id="PanelUI-quit&q ...

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Tor at School!!!

  Kaka79   6 months ago

Hi, this is the second time in writing this post but lol. Anyways I want to use Tor at school but i'm blocked at "establishing an encrypted directory connection." School has given us Mac Airs and has a two location function. Home and School.
Home: no proxy
School: Auto Proxy Disco ...

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Tor changing ip adress

  argoar   6 months ago

Everytime I click on a link Tor changes the IP address! How can I stop it? IT particularly happens with sharing websites and I cannot download the material I want cuz the IP address changes.
I am not an expert so please explain clearly

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Transparent proxy improvement using haproxy load balancer?

  leviathan   6 months ago

I want to know if isn't a good idea to use many instances of TOR and load balancing them through haproxy.
I've tested here.. I ran 20 TOR instances (20 socks5 ports) and load balanced them through haproxy. Haproxy give me one socks5 port, e.g: 9080, and each time a connection goes through that p ...

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New tor circuit for this site

  Ichigo   6 months ago

Is there a short cut to use this kind of action, for example "F8" or whatever instead of pressing the actual button with the mouse?

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Tor browser cant find Firefox server

  DacorDave   8 months ago

Real N00by here!
I only want to use Tor [u]as a browser[/u], not interested at moment of doing anything more, until I get the hang of Tor.
So, I downloaded the Tor browser and installed on my Windows 10 Pro laptop.
Went through all the set up and everything was fine. I clicked on Start ...

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Problem with Tor Brower launch

  Seigneurnano   last year

When i run my Tor Brower, my malwarebytes signal me than there is mozallaloc.dll and mozaglu.dll, and the progam say "couldn't load xpcom".
I have stop my anti-malware, then i can run TB.
Does these dll are dangerous?

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Building tor browser bundle with out vm images

  psathibabu   6 months ago

Hi All,
I am a newbie to this group. I want to build tor browser bundle from scratch. Its is taking too much time to build the code. I don't want to build the vm images for tor browser bundle. Is there any way to build with out them. I am using gitian build to build tbb. Any help please.

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TorBrowser - Low Video Quality on youtube

  Ingly1996   7 months ago

Hey guys,
Why do i get so low video quality while watching youtube videos?
I checked without TorBrowser and the same videos were availble in HD.
What is the reason for this behaviour?

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Google Impossible to use with Tor

  biffster   7 months ago

I can go to the Google main page, but any time I try to search, I get hit with an infinite series of Captchas. I enter each one correctly, but to no avail. Basically Google is unusable. I was already trying to move away from Google to duckduckgo since don't respect privacy, but I still need to do ...

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Tor Configuration

  tuckgray907   7 months ago

hello. im fairly new to tor but i was wondering if it were possible to get tor to get you an IP in a certain city. or state for that matter.any help is appreciated thanks

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Different IP for every site

  redbricks   7 months ago

For every site/domain I open Im getting a different IP. Is this normal behavior? I thought the same circuit is supposed to be used for the entire session

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Couldn't load XPCOM - URGENT

  Ivan   last year

5 days ago I install on my PC Tor browser, and for few days all work just fine, I was happy regarding Tor.
I work on Windows XP, and I have installed Malwarebytes antivirus tool. Few days ago I don't know why I cannot start Tor, when I try to start I get message box "firefox" ...

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Proxy setting not working in tor

  corporate_cas   8 months ago

My proxy setting does not work in Tor. I have no idea why. The same settings work in Firefox.
Here is a screenshot of the settings window:
What am I doing wrong?

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Tor can not open Hidden-Services??

  BlacKii   8 months ago

Hello. My Tor can not open ALL (but some work) Hidden-Services.. It says "Connectionproblem, Firefox can not connect to the server .....)
How can i fix it?? tried so much instructions in the internet but no one worked..
PS. Sry for my bad english.
Greetings from Germany

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Tor relay behind carrier grade nat (public IPv6, IPv4 nat)

  mauorrizze   8 months ago

am I right that there's currently no way to get a tor relay running without a public IPv4 address?
I thought I've read between the lines that it might work if an outgoing IPv4 address is available that I can at least accept IPv6 connections. But after the log states it's listening on the ...

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Problem - Ad Blocker Software Alert

  Alicia   8 months ago

Hi everybody,
I hope this is the right place where to post this thread. I apologize in advance for my English.
I'm trying to use Tor to watch the Irish national TV ( r t é ), but I keep getting the same message: "Ad Blocker Software Alert - It seems that your computer is running ad b

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What does this mean??

  Kelryth   last year

[Sun May 24 12:13:36 2015] Potentially Dangerous Connection! - One of your applications established a connection through Tor to "" using a protocol that may leak information about your destination. Please ensure you configure your applications to use only SOCKS4a or SOCKS5 with remote h ...

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Hiding Tor From VPN?

  Erich   last year

I'm new to this but, Say someone is hiding that they are connecting to Tor from their ISP by connecting with bridges.
But say a VPN Keeps logs of connection times and bandwidth usage but they might keep more, Could someone hide from their VPN the fact that they are connecting to Tor by using bri ...

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