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Hidden service issue

  bertybaby1000   4 months ago

I am trying to create an .onion website on my Mac. Basically, I followed all the steps several times in the how to guide, but could not manage to make it work.
I am using Tor 4.5.
Basically, I installed Tor and Macports just like in the guide, then modified my torrc file The one loca ...

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Anonymous Twitter or Facebook

  wjohnson   4 months ago

having difficulty registering/using twitter or facebook on tor. these sites dont like anony IPs or whatever, they continually lock my acct.
is there a way around this?
Are there twitter-like, facebook-likle social media sites that allow tor anony access?

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How to use Tor the right way. Best practices.

  Admin   last year

First read Tor Project's own warnings, but I will note that they are only a beginning, and are not adequate to protect you from different threats.
Your Computer
To date the NSA's and FBI's primary attacks on Tor users have been MITM attacks (NSA) and hidden service web server compromi ...

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A quick tor question?

  cheesypasta   6 months ago

Hey guys, I just have a quick question!
So, when you connect to a tor hidden website, lets say Agora or Silk Road for instance, do you still pass through an Exit node?
Or are exit nodes only used when connecting to clear net sites like google or facebook?

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TOR gpg key...

  BasiCoder   5 months ago

hi i'm trying get gpg key's for tor but i always get this error...
*@kali:~# gpg --keyserver --recv 886DDD89
gpg: requesting key 886DDD89 from hkp server
?: Host not found
gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect: No such file or dir ...

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tor not connecting to hidden services

  darksithis   6 months ago

Hey there! Hi all
In the past few days, i've got a problem that never occured to me before: when trying to access .onion sites, the page times out after trying to connect, this is what it says:
" Unable to connect
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at --------.onion.

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Tor does not connect since update

  blaze73   one week ago

Hi guys,
I have been using Tor Browser for quite sometime now.
Just a few days ago the onion icon started flashing and then main page kept warning me I am not using the newest version.
I have clicked on the update and updated and got the TOR bundle.
Ever since the update I am unabl ...

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  metor   6 months ago

tor is not able to connect to the site can anyone confirm this ?

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Bridge Email not working

  metor   6 months ago

When I send a Email to using Gmail and I place in the body "get bridges" . I get the following Email response.
Welcome to BridgeDB!
COMMANDs: (combine COMMANDs to specify multiple options simultaneously)
get bridges Request vanilla bridges.
g ...

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TCP-only VPNs that work with Tor/Whonix?

  $300   7 months ago

I have used Windows, Ubuntu and Whonix Workstation with Gateway, and found that while free web vpns (kind you find in web search for 'free vpns') I tested do work on Whonix Workstation when set up via command line, I can't really get anything else to work, on any platform. Nothing connects. And I do ...

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New Identity Per Window?

  FiLx   7 months ago

Hey there. I've been tinkering with Tor for a while, and can't figure out a way to do this. I would like for each window to have its own identity, to allow me to be logged into multiple accounts on a website. Unfortunately, Tor has nothing that allows you to be able to have independent identities pe ...

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hidden service , a forum

  newWORLDorder   7 months ago

Hello , i want run an .onion forum , i want ask something , remember months ago when i discovery tor , hidden services , etc ... i found a guide where say need tor + privoxy .. now i found new guide here , ... ce.html.en this guide don't mean anything about ...

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Mac os conections through tcp port 443

  metor   7 months ago

i am using version 4.03 on a Mac and when I select "this computer goes through a firewall that only allows connections to a certain port" and enter port 443 only TOR does not connect. Can anyone confirm this and why should it not connect through port 443?

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Tor Browser on Mac keeps crashing

  WhiskeyGold   7 months ago

I have been using and updating the Tor Browser for over a year. Worked great. Now when I open it, it will not load and crashes. I deleted the file and download it again. Reinstalled and again, it will not load. I don't see what is going on. I did update my mac software, but i think i used it a few t ...

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Tor exit List various timsstamp

  cyrusx   7 months ago

Hi all, i am getting TOR exit node from . However i do not fully understand what each of those time mean. For example,
ExitNode 0011BD2485AD45D984EC4159C88FC066E5E3300E
Published 2015-01-27 16:11:29
LastStatus 2015-01-28 07:42:18
ExitAddre ...

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Tor not working on Intel Atom

  k3nny   7 months ago

Does anyone know of a workaround for Tor not being able to work on devices with Intel Atom processors? I want to use Tor on my phone but I get a segmentation fault (139).

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need help | just a small problem |

  Notavailable   8 months ago

I guess my problem isn't very special, but I found nothing with the search button, so links are also welcome. My problem is a very strict proxy. It seems to be a good one, so easily tunneling doesn't work. Further he can detect Obfs and has a whitelist for https-sites. How can I bypass him?

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the so called "DARKNET"

  nihil73   8 months ago

I totally disagree on how the tor hidden network is going. I use tor since the beginning and i imagined a hidden tor network for hackers (hacking in tor network means only CC fraud and you have to pay bitcoins for a tutorial,maybe outdated or fake), revolutionaries of every source, computer tutorial ...

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Can I use TOR with Internet Explorer?

  everett   8 months ago


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Strong doubt on the safety of the TOR network

  justwondering   last year

Hello all.
according to this graph:
there are roughly 6000 tor nodes (relay+exit combined) up and running.
As soon as an attacker controls all 3 nodes randomly selected for the tor route ( entry -> relay -> exit ), the anon ...

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