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Tor browser prevents it usafe or other problem

  satheeshkumarvs   6 months ago

Tor browser prevents navigation to Please tell some one
why this happens ? is this network unsafe or any other problem
Is online transaction to for purchasing is unsafe ?

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self destructing cookies

  Hilderik   6 months ago

newbie user of Tor....
Can not find the icon of "self destructing cookie"; it is installed for sure....but does not appear...
Someone could help ?

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Can a tor server own me?

  mobbynoob   6 months ago

Can i get hacked by one tor node/server i am using?
All the packages that i recieve send run through the nodes, i guess someone would just have to modify/change the packages i am receiving.
I think hat the tor software will deny that possibility but would it be possible for a node owner to m ...

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Facebook suggested events always in Baghdad, Iraq

  toruserx   6 months ago

I've been using Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) on Linux as much as possible since the Edward Snowden revelations last year in order to try to regain some of my privacy & human rights illegally taken away by NSA-GCHQ. Until now that has included logging into my Facebook account (which is in my real name.) ...

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can the exit node read the passwords i type in cleantext?

  mobbynoob   7 months ago

I mean by that the passwords i type in the fields when i login to a forum for example.
Also i have one more general question.
Is there any risk using tor browser on my host machine?
I mean the tor nodes must be sending traffic back to my machine right??
If there are some Nodes owned ...

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Serious Bug/Attack on Tor

  Unnamed Entity   6 months ago

Tor security advisory: "relay early" traffic confirmation attack
On July 4 2014 we found a group of relays that we assume were trying to deanonymize users. They appear to have been targeting people who operate or access Tor hidden services. The attack involved modifying Tor protocol headers to d ...

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How can i install latest flash player to my tor ?

  serialci   last year

i can't install flash
i do
*set always active Shockwave Flash
*Uncheck disable flash
pls help me guys

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strange network glitches for a bridge, any ideas?

  keee   6 months ago

i'm running a relay\published bridge for awhile, nothing spectacular - adsl channel < 1mbps, linux, tor, privoxy & all.
it was running mostly harmless for a year or something like this.
last week or may be 10 days, i've got a continuous repeatable network glitches i could'nt explain, ...

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Convert pdf to txt or html

  wjohnson   7 months ago

Can someone recommend a free utility for converting pdf to txt or html?

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Install on Window 8.1 x64 - Lost System Access

  marco   7 months ago

I downloaded and installed TOR today on Windows 8.1 (64-bit), using my admin account, and it has disabled all access to my Windows 8.1 system. I can sign in and see directories using windows explorer, but cannot open or execute ANY files. I also cannot access the button (bottom left corner) to switc ...

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BBC website getting my real location?

  oneconfusedtoruser   4 months ago

I've been using TOR to connect to the BBC television iPlayer for months and it's been working perfectly. However, yesterday I received a new modem from my ISP (in the US) and suddenly the iPlayer is blocking me based on my location. I've not changed any settings in Vidalia so I have no idea what is ...

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Tor Start/Stop times as a side channel attack

  Unnamed Entity   7 months ago

This isn't a warning, per se, just something I've been thinking about.
Say you're about to use Tor to post a message online. A message that could make you very powerful enemies. You fire up Tor browser, send your message, shut it down, and maybe even uninstall Tor browser for good measure.
B ...

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TOR browser keeps logging me out

  ringo14   7 months ago

I'm not sure which version of TOR browser I have but I'm having a very annoying problem. When I use the browser and after logging into a website. Few minutes later. I am logged out and have to re log in. If I try to click a link on the site or anything it just logs me out. Is there any way to fix t ...

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torbook and galaxy inaccessible

  mitchy93   8 months ago

hi guys, recently, ive went to access both torbook and galaxy individually and they both cant be accessed from my device i am using the latest TBB and i can access other .onion sites fine, including the hidden wiki, but these links hbjw7wjeoltskdol.onion (galaxy) and torbookdjwhjmju4.onion (torbook) ...

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TOR middlebox

  t0r_u53r100   8 months ago

Hi all
I am new here and have a question about using TOR as an anonymous middlebox.
I have a Windows machine and I want to anonymise my internet useage from time to time. The TOR browser is a fantastic application for basic web browsing, however as soon as you watch a Flash video, run an ap ...

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help me troubleshoot

  richardskull69   8 months ago

So, tor browser opens, but I can't connect to any sites, clearnet or tor. I tried connecting straight to network, and then using obfs3, but the same result with both ways. Here is the weird thing. I have another computer, and with that I can connect straight to tor netork and it works fine. And tor ...

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Ok i'm new to this.

  dragoon   8 months ago

I'm not sure if in the right place to post this or not but. I just downloaded tor and set up a account while using tor. Am I correct that if I only use tor while checking this account I can send emails without my home ip address being known? And that this would make it diffi ...

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Problem with TOR to watch BBC abroad

  np202   last year

I'm using Tor Browser Bundle (Linux and Windows versions) to watch BBC iplayer abroad. To manage this, I have inserted the following lines in torrc
ExitNodes {GB}
StrictExitNodes 1
When I go to the BBC website, it shows me the UK version of the site...then I go to iplayer tab an ...

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Is there any reason in VPN over TOR?

  saturn   7 months ago

Ok since I can't get VPN over TOR working, I've created a complex psychological rationalization for why I don't need it. Here goes:
With just VPN, VPN Company knows who you are and what you're doing. They are committed to privacy and won't let hostile agents break the law to extort any data they ...

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  anonymousrely   3 weeks ago

Hi people. I need help, from professionals who knows how TOR/ARM works:
I Have here some errors;
It's ubuntu server based tor relay at home;Events (TOR/ARM NOTICE - ERR):
12:10:18 [ARM_NOTICE] Read the last day of bandwidth history from the state file (4 hours is missing)
12:10:18 [A ...

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