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  booktor   last year

Until recent Tor version changes, I was happily using Tor/Vidalia/Polipo to scrape web pages from PHP code running on Windows 7 Pro with IIS. I never need to use Tor from an actual browser.
I'm not doing anything dubious – the web pages concerned used to have a proper API for reading the data.

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How to log into various websites via Tor

  LogIn   last year

In some websites if I try to login via Tor after the user name and password are entered the page just reloads to the login page again. If I disable "NoScript" I can log in.
My question is what specific part of NoScrip causes this, how do I disable this and what does this mean for my a ...

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ughhhh its useless??

  FoolishSheep   last year

Hi! i have tor browser and every website in the world almost blocks it so i cant even use it. certianly every forum blocks it. isnt its purpose for internet saftye and spaming and stuff like that? so whats even the point anymore? Is there another anonymos bowser that isnt blocked ALL OVER THE INTERN ...

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Vidalia without TorBrowserBundle on Mac

  franc   last year

is there any download for Mac OS 10.6 to install only the actual Vidalia with actual Tor but without the TorBrowser (Firefox)?
I want to run tor as relay (without exit-relay) all the time in background but I use my regular Firefox without Tor mostly.
If I use tor, I want to switch ...

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Mac Torbrowser - No Vivaldi, can't find network settings

  rt440   last year

I'm used to using older versions of Mac Torbrowser that include Vivaldi, and Windows versions. I upgraded to the latest Mac Torbrowser which doesn't appear to include Vivaldi. Since there's no Vivaldi panel, I can't figure out how to start a new identity or add relay bridges, among other things. If ...

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Using one Tor service through local networt

  franc   3 weeks ago

in my local network at home I have one PC (XP-SP3-32) where I run tor (through Vidalia) all the time.
I disabled exit relay.
On this PC I use a normal Firefox Browser through Privoxy and FoxyProxy when I need Tor service, which works fine then.
Now I would like to use this same ...

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Setting up Browser

  TripleBypass   last year

Sorry, lot of Idiot questions coming up.
I'm trying to install the browser, but I'm useless with Network, Proxy etc. stuff; I downloaded the 3.5 bundle, and I've looked for "How To's" on installation, but can only seem to find stuff for older versions.
I run the .EXE, it unp ...

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Unable to access internet anywhere other than TOR browser

  Selc251088   last year

I recently installed the TOR browser bundle and things were going fine until I restarted my system. After the first restart after installing TOR none of the other browsers or torrent clients are able to access the network but only the TOR browser is able to. I am using windows 7 64 bit. Can anyone p ...

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Intermittant hidden service availability

  ritoch   last year

I have setup an IRC server for my business associates that is running as SSL tunneled over the tor network running as a hidden service. Initially it wasn't working at all but then suddenly it was. I shut the server down overnight and brought it back online and again I'm unable to connect. The las ...

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how to use FIREFOX in tor bundle indepentantly ?

  Tor_Planet   last year

how to use FIREFOX in tor bundle indepentantly ? without need of connecting to tor network
so that it can be used as regular firefox browser to watch FLASH - SCRIPTS - UPLOAD via VPN with fullest speed as possible
, firefox from mozzilla is ass ripping in privacy

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Torchat: Make it use tor

  Mathilde   2 months ago

What is torchat ?
Torchat is a python based chat software that uses the tor networks internal .onion services to communicate. Its the safest option out there when it comes to anonymity.
Windows ...

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Firefox Attempts to Bypass Tor in Ubuntu

  Preznik   2 days ago

-Standard TBB installation (tor-browser-linux32-
-No add-ons; js disabled in both NoScript and about:config
-Ubuntu 12.04
Problem Description:
-Start up TBB from command line: ./start-tor-browser
-Allow Tor connection through application and port lev ...

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New browser bubnle

  vijaykudal   2 weeks ago

In New version 3.5 ,how to force new idenity in windows as well unix

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tor bundle 3.5 and multiple identity

  bobkelso   one week ago

With the old tor (vidalia control panel), I could start a download, change my identity, and the download would continu without problem.
But now with 3.5, I cannot do this anymore, each time I create a new identity, all my download are stopped.
Is there a way to do this with the new tor bundl ...

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Scan for Tor

  ctc_olsen   3 weeks ago

Hi guys, first of all. I think Tor project has it's benefits and is a good one in so many ways.
We are trying to scan for desktops who have Tor installed in our office. Is there an effecting way in checking which PCs have Tor installed? What I did right now is just search for files including hi ...

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Is it possible to pick your location with Tor?

  Lux   last month

I know you can change your IP with tor but can you go as far as to say pick your city?

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tor and boinc

  squirrel   last month

first excuse my English
I have install a tor relay ( ... 8030F76B69 ) recently and considering there is no CPU or memory important load .
I would like to install the boinc software ( )to share my computation resources .

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connection died in state of handshaking problem

  kkb350   last month

My institute blocks tor network.So i was using tor bridges to connect to tor network.But it has been 3 to 4 days my tor software is not connecting inspite of using latest tor bridges.message shown are as like this:
Jan 12 19:14:55.838 [Warning] 7 connections died in state connect()ing with SSL s ...

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Linux: Install Icedtea Java Plugin

  TomTailor   last month

i am using Ubuntu 12.04 with standart Firefox installation. The is also the Icedtea-Web-Plugin for Java-Script installed.
This plugin is missing in the Tor-Browser-Bundle v3.5.
Is anybody out there who could help me installing this in the Tor-Browser-Bundle ? Can't find a plugin f ...

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VPNCheck Pro

  ipadtaller   last month

In addition to the TOR Browser I use a VPN to provide protection for applications like Skype, etc. that do not use a browser.
I use the TOR Browser anytime a browser is needed. I keep the VPN on all the time.
In addition I use VPNCheck Pro to manage the VPN.
VPNChecl Pro has a feature th ...

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