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Tor Browser may leaks something

  brembrem   2 months ago

I use proxychans to torify Firefox 25 so I can see where the browser connect to, when I click the search box the Firefox connects the IP address of the search engine website, so the website will know how fast you type if you type the keywords and hit enter, does the Tor Browser (modified by Firefox ...

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"real" geographical public IPs

  adrenalina   2 months ago

I set TOR to only use nodes from England/UK. I want to "appear" with an IP located in the UK.
I'm disappointed and puzzled:
- if I use an IP locator (such as, say, Geo IP Tool), I'll obtain one of the following two results:
1) "anonymous" location (so, totally useless - no eviden ...

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tor setting up but browser not working

  ghattasak   2 months ago

hello guys the tor bundle is not working for me
the tor realy sets up and everything is ok but the firefox browser does not establish any connection due to proxy errors
how can i fix this
i have also provided a printscreen of some of the configurations
note : i have another firefo ...

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Allow users on a hosting use their RSA keys

  deep   2 months ago

Hi, I have two questions.
1) Supports Tor bigger RSA keys than 1024bit?
2) Then I was thinking about how hostings handle RSA keys, do they allow users use their own (to generate the .onion address) ? As I understand, if someone has the RSA private key and the owner of this private RSA key se ...

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Downloads Stopping

  BennyBallbags   2 months ago

Hey all,
Hopefully this gets seen, the forum is pretty informative but not densely populated - though given the circumstances I guess that's justified.
This is, from what I can see, a really common issue but I'm just not having any luck with solutions.
Files, even small ones, and stoppin ...

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tor breaks download when switching identity

  seanrios   3 months ago

So, if I start to d/l a file, and then click on "new id", the d/l is broken. I seem to remember this not being the case a while ago, but I havent used tor in a bit, and have just d/l-ed th new version.
I looked for an option that would handle this, but could not find anything.
Idea ...

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how to buckup onion forum?

  blahhh   3 months ago

how to buckup onion forum? If possible I would like to buckup all threads here;
i know i should torify wget traffic but I don't now how. If you know better way...

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Tor and Privoxy of a FritzBox 7390

  Coolzero   4 months ago

Hello, sorry for my bad english,
I have installed on my Fritz box 7390 Freetz with Tor and Privoxy and would like to take my entire traffic through Tor.
In addition I have Tor and Privoxy, and Windows settings adjusted as shown in the pictures.
The pages build on, but if I then http://to ...

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Bandwidth restrictions

  JamesGordon   4 months ago

I have a non-exit tor node, it´s marked: Fast - Guard - HSDir - Named - Running - Stable - V2Dir - Valid
It´s been running for 30 days plus
It´s a Tor on a Debian 7 64-bit with 2 core CPU and 1 GB RAM
I have no restrictions in my conf file
The problem is that it

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tor wont start

  ryanchampaign   4 months ago

i downloaded the older tor and now the new one. im not great with computers but it never gave me a a hard time. im running windows eight and after i extract the file nd start tor a window pops up and says
error platform version 10.0.10 is not compatable with minversion >17.0.9
maxversion ...

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Filezilla on Tor, problem

  kirushiwa   4 months ago

I configured Filezilla to use Tor: Host is, Port 9150, Socks5.
When I connect to FTP server and upload files, it seems that traffic goes thru Tor (i can see it on Tor bandwith graph).
I use Tor Browser Bundle, so I start TBB first, then Filezilla.
But Tor gave me several error ...

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How to block all traffic exept Tor

  TOR Hacker   7 months ago

On a Linux system, there is an easy way to block all inbound and outbound traffic unless it passes through the Tor network.
A few simple iptables commands can do this (note that if you are using SSH this will block you immediately!)
# iptables -P INPUT DROP
# iptables -P OUTPUT DROP

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Anything be Done about Fing Big Brother

  IdiotGovernment   4 months ago

So can anything be done about Big Brother getting their hands in everything? US Gov runs exit nodes, probably a lot. Defeats the purpose off the software.
Flush the nodes, start over? Only use trusted ones, somehow??

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How big a VPS to run a TOR relay?

  raindog308   5 months ago

I'm thinking of running a TOR relay for general make-the-world-a-better-place purposes.
I have a high-quality VPS provider who explicitly allows TOR relays (but not exit nodes). My questions are:
(a) How big a VPS do I need in terms of CPU and RAM? I'm assuming disk is minimal. I realize ...

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i can't go to .onion sites

  petros   5 months ago

when i update tor bundle to 2.3.25 i can't go to .onion sites. i can go to clernet links via tor what is the problem? I don't change anything in vidalia and firefox for tor, in log vidalia i don't have anything about tor is not runnig. Someone colud help me? Sorry for my poor english

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A question regarding tor's command prompt box on desktop.

  toruser101   6 months ago

Hello There,
I have a question that I'm hoping someone can answer. I'm using Tor (Not Vidalia) on windows and everything my system starts up, a command prompt always seem to "appear" on my desktop showing configuration information, which is quite annoying. I was wondering if there's a ...

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Downloading Adobe Flash

  confused   6 months ago

Absolute new Tor user: PC running Windows 7 64 bit OS.
Attempted to install Adobe Flash and warning message informed I would be unmasked is I continued. Is that a permanent unmasking or will full Tor security return on rebooting?
Sound familiar to anyone? Any suggestions or should I just pl ...

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Did bridge address format changed?

  jean   6 months ago

I guess it dates back from last week, when the JS vulnerability was uncovered.
Tor Pluggable Transports stopped download momentarily, and since it's been re-enabled, bridges now show up in a different format.
No obfs3 and obfs2 addresses anymore. What's happening?
If one goes to bridges. ...

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Ultimate Security Proxy With Tor

  NotMe   6 months ago

Ive been doing some research into improving the security of my Tor connections and came across two sites.
They both advocate the use of multiple Tor and Privoxy services running simultaneously and managed by squid.
My concern is that the guides where written in '08 and '09.
Are they stil ...

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The new Tor bundle eeeekkkk

  Lost   6 months ago

I have browsed .onion sites using tor, yesterday problems raised with loading .onion sites and so I deleted the new toe bundle and the folder that was created from running the extraction. I then redone everything, downloaded new tor, every time I extract to a new folder or anywhere else the extracti ...

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