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Tor Button Warning - Flashing Yellow Triangle Exclamation!

  Jesus-Snuffleupagus   6 months ago

I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, but I have searched the forum and FAQ, and can't seem to find it anywhere: What does it mean when there is a flashing yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle on the bottom left side of the Tor Button. I know it must be some kind of warn ...

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Was blacklisted for running Tor relay, why?

  postcd   7 months ago

Hi, when tried to register at
I got message that my home PC IP is blacklisted at
AHBL tells: "IP Address Query Results (dnsbl): - Open Proxy - See
Reason for listing:
This ...

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Surfing closed internet access

  pirate1979   7 months ago

Atm I can use Tor to surf the internet as usual, with an ISP that closed the Internet due to an unpaid bill ( my roomates
who has the internet / wi-fi ) Its only a screen saying the internet acces is locked when opening IE.
I can use Tor via the Wi-Fi network but not IE. How does that work t ...

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Breaking security of Tor Network

  Serious Sam   last year

French researchers from ESIEA, a French engineering school, have found and
exploited some serious vulnerabilities in the TOR network. They performed
an inventory of the network, finding 6,000 machines, many of whose IPs are
accessible publicly and directly with the system's source code. ...

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Ways to break browser anonymity.

  TOR Hacker   7 months ago

Taken from Decloak (
- If you have JAVA installed, it will try to open direct socket connection from your real IP
- If you have Quick Time, it will try to load applet with special parameter to ask your browser for direct connection
- Will try to load Microsoft Word document ...

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I can't upgrade flash player in Aurora

  Xeon   last year

I have Aurora portable from Tor project and I can't upgrade flash player. Does anybody have same problem? Or can anybody help me please?

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