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Tor Browser Bundle 3.0 - A Review

  Unnamed Entity   3 months ago

I recently tried the beta release of Tor Browser Bundle 3.0 and found both good and bad.
The Good
First of all, it starts up really fast. The old TBB could take a minute or more to start. Not anymore. This version starts up in just seconds. It's almost disconcerting. But it easy enough to ve ...

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Tor friendly blog hosting

  sscallion   2 months ago

Does anyone have recommendations for free blog hosting providers which work well under Tor? My experience is that Wordpress doesn't work.

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Anonymous Payment Gateway With Bitcoin/Litecoin

  btcmerch   4 months ago

Bitcoin/Litecoin is a good alternative to other payment
systems like paypal, credit cards and etc. Bitcoin/Litecoin
is cheaper, safe and easy to use and is anonymous. is a Bitcoin and Litecoin payment system gateway ,
that accept payments just as credit card ...

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Magento Plugin For Bitcoin And Litecoin

  btcmerch   2 months ago Magento plugins allows accepting of bitcoin/litecoin payments at Magento-powered online stores.
It accept payments directly into your personal bitcoin/litecoin wallet.
It accept payments in bitcoins/litecoins for physical goods and services.
It adds ...

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What are some good cases to use Tor for?

  OLE   8 months ago

What are some good use cases for TOR? I see they have projects where it's embedded into the browser for secure browsing. But is that really a secure network to trust?

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Careful running a TOR exit node!

  manga   last year
Kinda like running an open access point, the feds are knocking down your door for what someone else does with your internet address.

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Some thoughts about SilkRoad shutdown.

  Admin   4 months ago

Now there are many talks about this situation, and Tor in general, so I want to say a few words.
First, I strongly recommend to read this document: ... -Silk-Road
This is primary source about the incident. The rest is just retelling and speculat ...

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TOR is becoming more and more useless...

  basta   5 months ago

I more and more observe a tendency that many sites admins are blocking tor exit nodes on their sites and forums. They obtain a list from somewhere with all the TOR - exit ip's and block them. So what's the use of TOR then, when you can't use it for it's main purpose, to exercise the right of free sp ...

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Automatic Tor Browser Bundle updater

  igelineau   5 months ago

I've been developping a program that automatically updates the Tor Browser Bundle and I wanted to share it with others as I find it very handy. It's written in C# but runs well on linux too (with Mono).
I posted it in the Getting Started section but finally I Ihink it's more appropriate here. H ...

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