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by Admin in

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This forum is free to join for everybody, but in order to prevent automatic registrations (or at least to lower their number) we kindly ask you to provide this invitation code during registration:
Invitation Code 194450

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Looking for dealer .

by TedisDead in Talks

  Admin   last year

I think you should ask such questions somewhere in the darknet, not here.
This forum is about installing Tor and accessing the Tor Network. As long as you are already there - we cannot help you more. Check out the for some useful *.onion links to start with.

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Had bad luck with Tor :(

by Dalek Zod in Userspace Software

  Admin   2 months ago

Consider installing Firefox Portable from
Then unRAR back your TOR Browser into another folder.
Then start TOR Browser.
And AFTER THAT open your Firefox Portable Edition.
Now you should have both anonymous and normal browser.

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How to use Tor the right way. Best practices.

by Admin in Userspace Software

  Admin   2 months ago

First read Tor Project's own warnings, but I will note that they are only a beginning, and are not adequate to protect you from different threats.
Your Computer
To date the NSA's and FBI's primary attacks on Tor users have been MITM attacks (NSA) and hidden service web server compromi ...

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Downloading data via server

by Szaman in General Questions

  Admin   3 months ago

How do you torify python?

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Some thoughts about SilkRoad shutdown.

by Admin in Talks

  Admin   4 months ago

Now there are many talks about this situation, and Tor in general, so I want to say a few words.
First, I strongly recommend to read this document: ... -Silk-Road
This is primary source about the incident. The rest is just retelling and speculat ...

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Tutorial: SSH over Tor

by TOR Hacker in General Questions

  Admin   5 months ago

Just in case somebody will need Windows 32bit version of connect-proxy, that was mensioned by TOR Hacker in previous post, here it is

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Tor to VPN

by taouki in Security Questions

  Admin   last year

What I remember is:
Tor -> VPN = safe, pally VPN -> Tor = goto jail
While on the other hand a VPN -> Tor connection is complete nonsense, which does not need any further explication in my opinion.
It depends on who are you hiding from. So-called Threat Model:
1) You ...

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How to run hidden onion server? Step-by-step guide.

by Admin in Running a Server

  Admin   last year

1) Buy any cheap VPS.
You can find good deals on and also check out with examples of some common VPS installations, such as web-server.
2) Install nginx, mysql, php or anything your website needs to run.
3) Configure your web-se ...

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TOR and uTorrent

by Admin in General Questions

  Admin   last year

Tor was not designed to be used with such massive traffic clients as uTorrent. Torrents produce great overhead to the TOR network, open direct UDP connections ignoring proxy rules, share your IP with torrent trackers and so on.
So in general they should be torified at Ethernet level, not at T ...

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