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SSH tunneling over Tor?

by emil701 in General Questions

  emil701   6 months ago

I am trying to create ssh tunnel over tor on Windows machine using Cygwin. I first start Tor service, tor.exe is running on local port 9151. But how to create the ssh tunnel? If i type the command ssh user@xx.xx.xx -D 9151 it says that the address is already in use and it can not implement local for ...

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How to create SSH chain connection over Tor?

by emil701 in General Questions

  emil701   7 months ago

I have two remote Ubuntu servers - VPS1 and VPS2. On VPS1 i have Tor daemon installed. I am connecting to VPS1 through ssh from my local machine and from VPS1 i am connecting to VPS2 through ssh over Tor. I followed this guide https://www.howtoforge.com/anonymous-ssh-sessions-with-tor and setup V ...

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