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polipo fail to connect local address - General SOCKS server failure

by postcd in General Questions

  postcd   7 days ago

i set the OS (Raspbian 10) proxy to be Tor:
sudo su
echo -e "http_proxy=\nhttps_proxy=\nsocks_proxy=socks5://" >> /etc/environment
8080 is port where the polipo listening. But it appears like there are pr ...

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How to run all Windows traffic thru proxy?

by postcd in Security Questions

  postcd   last year

Hi any solution how to run all computer connections thru proxy (i have socks5), i dont wish to install another crappy application, would be good if i can achieve without it.

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Was blacklisted for running Tor relay, why?

by postcd in Userspace Software

  postcd   5 months ago

Hi, when tried to register at
I got message that my home PC IP is blacklisted at
AHBL tells: "IP Address Query Results (dnsbl): - Open Proxy - See
Reason for listing:
This ...

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