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!!Need help - pedophile i our neighborhood

by Feliks06 in Security Questions

  yOuGoTpUnChEd   last month

There is no way we can help, i don't know why you are asking help here anyway. I would actually just kill the dude with my gun if i knew the kid was in danger. Just call the police and report it, as many times as you have to. They can't just ignore you, right?
Besides i think you're trying to ma ...

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Keeping files and stuff

by yOuGoTpUnChEd in Security Questions

  yOuGoTpUnChEd   last month

Does Tor saves cookies, thumbnails or information of the things i visit/see on the internet using Tor?
I remember i saw this somewhere, but i do not remember where so i just wanna ask to be sure.
If i go online using Tor and read something, see an image or even a video, does that leave evide ...

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