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Growtopia Hack -After the scene of exposure, a little brutal to its term, places in the first movements. The collegial narrative, linked to the Forrester House, begins to resemble a chess game. At Ironrath, the surviving and grieving members will rejoice in a return that will accelerate Whitehill's departure. Mira will still try to attract the favors of Margaery Tyrell (whose little nose always moves as nicely when she speaks) and Tyrion Lannister. Gared arrives at the Wall with the same goal in mind, to help his protectors, and meets Jon Snow. Finally, Asher, the exiled son, wandering in the same corner as Daenerys Tagaryen, prepares his return home. This could well happen ... Except that the work of George RR Martin does not imagine the best. Especially not immediately.
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Wherever you are, surprises will not fail. Most will be bad. Some will stem from absolutely untenable choices which are expected to repercussions as a spanking after being caught fingers in the jar of jam. But of the different parallel stories, that of Mira remains by far the one that captivates the most. The intrigues, the scary scenes, the suspicions, the reversals of situation and even the action - always based on QTE very permissive ... Most of its sequences are brilliant, the dialogues always leave us in the fear Of having made a ball in front of the family. She clearly has the most pressure on her shoulders. Gared and Asher - the latter having the right, Opening in a very nervous and pleasant way - seem to prepare the future and do not give the impression of weighing. Everything that takes place in Ironrath's compound is full of emotion and you have to play the tightrope walkers in order not to find yourself in a delicate position for everyone, choose between posture and well-being .
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