Understanding More About the Paleo Diet

Understanding More About the Paleo Diet

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Designated the "world's most healthiest diet" by paleo enthusiasts ("paleo" is shortened from "paleolithic"), the stone age diet is free of both gluten and processed foods (including refined and artificial sugars). The stone age diet also restricts the consumption of legumes (which include peanuts), dairy (for the most part), trans fats, and grains. These foods are said to wreck havoc on the
What are the possible benefits of following the paleo diet? The more notable benefit is the vast improvement of gut health. A famous statement by Hippocrates is that "all disease begins in the gut". The paleo diet supports gut health by necessitating the consumption of foods that only nature and earth can provide. Many of the foods found in the modern diet contain lectin, which is a sticky protein. While it is inevitable that lectin will be consumed (lectin is found in plants and vegetables), too much of it causes the death of cells, as well as inflammation in the body and digestive tract.

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Other benefits of the paleo diet, as reported by avid followers, are permanent weight loss, acne-free skin, and the loss of allergies. Relief from common diseases and illnesses such as diabetes,
Should you follow the stone age diet? That is your call to make. Given the degree of a lifestyle-change, if you choose to try the stone age diet, begin with a slow transition by slowly phasing out processed foods from your diet. I recommend adding two or three paleo diet recipes into your meal plan every week. Keep the recipes that you really love as part of your regular family meals, and
The same advice is true for transitioning children into eating a full paleo diet. Don't attempt to completely change their entire nutrition plan overnight. Look for paleo diet recipes that are kid-friendly, add them in two or three times a week, and slowly phase out processed foods and other non-paleo foods
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