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Pro Test 180
walk out and Ronnie is ripped to shreds he's as hard is maybe a bit down in fullness but he's as hard as a rock in fact he looked almost great to me and at one point I thought he's going to pass out he was right on Pro Test 180 edge flex was just a little bit of still flex took Pro Test 180 prejudging but Ronnie came back in Pro Test 180 evening and took Pro Test 180 title you know Pro Test 180 y need enough to to show you about an hour and gave it to flick so I'm like okay least I got a second so I'm still just happens i can ever be so I'll certain Wayne calls out flex wheeler nay for a second I'm like can I just hear it right now like year and first thing I did was collapse Ronnie became from this quiet slow burn guy in Pro Test 180 background you nobody ever thought of being a threat to anything he loved being mr Olympia in
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