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contribute to the increased diagnosis and treatment of sleeplessness as insomnia increased lead lessness among young adults and middle-aged adults may be caused by non-biological issues such as stress social problems or increased use of technology and these issues lead to the consumption of sleeping pills how does sleeping pills work that's a pretty question Carter one of the most important chemicals involved in sleep induction is GABA or gamma immediately tiered acid the Ambisom
Institute of neurosciences mental health and addictions explains how GABA is a chemical messenger that is widely distributed in the brain it's natural function is to reduce the activity of the neurons to which it binds to it is believed that gaba can control the fear or anxiety experienced when neurons are overexcited GABA receptors or channel receptors receptors that change shape slightly to allow ions to pass through their central channel when GABA is attached the channel opens and allows negatively charged chloride ions to enter the neuron thus reducing its excitability both benzodiazepines and non benzodiazepines help GABA reduce neural activity what's the difference between benzodiazepines and non benzodiazepines I
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