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If there is some irrational fear and display of over-possessiveness then the same can be controlled by gentle reassurances of love and understanding by loved ones. Sibling jealousy can be provoked on Test X180 Alpha account of actual treatment of discrimination given by parents or due to feelings of insecurity experienced by siblings. Parents are advised to deal with this problem in a positive way as soon as it is detected, else sibling rivalry can have some serious effects and cause a lifelong rift and tension between siblings. When dealing with workplace jealousy, it is advised to be professional and approach your seniors and demand a recheck of your appraisal. You may give a thorough presentation about the contributions that you made for the company during the whole year. Nowadays, organizations are being forced to apply scientific methods of appraisal systems so as to create a fairness in appraisal. The methods applied have helped justify the appraisal results and reduce jealousy between colleagues. So why sulk about your fate and get jealous of others? Love yourself and be assured about your capabilities. Give life your best shot and before your know it, things will start falling in place. V How to Prepare Your Child for Surgery Talking to your child about his impending surgery and explaining what lies ahead will help him and you deal better with the situation. It can make the whole procedure less stressful. TAGGED UNDER: Kids' Health Advertisement If your child needs surgery and you have opted
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