General questions about anonymity in the Internet. VPN's, proxies, javascript & cookies, everything about protecting your identity.

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Solitary isn't your thing Hearing any kind of sound, something that ranges from the breaking of your own wind to gentle plopping of water in the kitchen sink is enough to convince you of a presence of a poltergeist or a murderer. And so is spontaneity You have no idea of the meaning of the word 'spontaneous'; whereas 'on my guard', 'conscious', and 'alert' are the only words that you know and live by. You are acutely conscious about your surroundings When you see a group of people laughing amongst themselves, you are instantly induced into believing that you are the butt of their joke, even when you don't know who those people are. Your brain gets no breather Your brain is always throbbing with Test X180 Alpha painfully pessimistic ideas, so good you are at painting things in dark tones that sometimes the vast ambit of your negativity surprises you. Your mind is a muddled maze You are always lost in the perplexing labyrinths of your mind because of which your expressions look somewhat like the above. Small talk is not a small thing for you The prospect of meeting someone gives you cold sweats, because you are not good with the civil bandying of pleasantries with known people, let alone making an effort to initiate small talk with an unknown entity. When a stranger calls ... Seeing an unknown number on your phone or missing it makes every part of your body perspire, even from the parts where you didn't know there were sweat glands.
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