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This exercise technically does not work the biceps but the brachial is, which is underneath it in the musculature of the upper arm. Developing the brachial is will increase the overall size of the upper arms and push up the biceps so that they look bigger, even if you are at the point where you cannot develop them any further. Take dumbbells and hold them with elbows by your sides and palms facing the thighs. Curl the dumbbells up toward the shoulders. Lower slowly and repeat. Elbows must stay firmly by your sides so that the brachial is does all the work, not the shoulders. Note that the palms of the hands come up facing each other, not facing Test X180 Alpha upward as in a regular curl. For a variation on this exercise you can try curling the arms alternately, one at a time. This will increase your concentration on the single brachial is muscle that you are working at any one time. Concentration always tends to make a workout more effective. Finally, do not over exercise your arms and your other muscles too. Often twice a week is enough especially you are a beginner. There is a point where more training will not increase anything in terms of size it is just not usefully for your body. If you have been working your arms too much and they have stopped developing, consider cutting back on your bicep training sessions to just once a week. Less is sometimes more when you do a muscle fitness program, just stop and go out for walking or cycling. You will feel much better. Muscle fitness is much more than just lifting weights to get bigger muscles. It involves developing muscles that are strong and healthy. Muscle fitness involves educating yourself on the proper methods for strengthening your muscles as well as developing strong muscles. This will help prevent injuries to your muscles and help your lose weight.
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