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Brand New Site, Nicest on tor? Forum included!

  vikerus   last year


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Some sites ban TOR

  kurudi   last year

Hey all !!
I've seen that some sites are blocking TOR IPs, maybe someone used TOR to do evil stuff there.
So in order to access those sites anonymously, what can be done?
I don't want to use just a VPN , as it's not really anonymous ( it will know my real IP ).
Is it possible to use ...

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Download older versions of the Expert Bundle

  franc   last year

anybody knows where I can download the previous version or of tor's expert bundle?
Should be a file called or
I searched in and in the torproject's archive and some more without any success.
I use Vidal ...

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Tails and ssh/vpn

  ertom   3 years ago

is it possible to use in Tails (without vm) ssh tunnel or vpn ?
connection tails--> tor --> ssh/vpn ---> site

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General / Off Topic section

  kurudi   last year

Why this forum hasn't an Off Topic section??
Let this thread be the OffTopic thread then.
What's your favorite movie ?
Swordfish ( with J. Travolta )

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Tor is unbrowsable

  9006   2 years ago

I'm a rookie Tor user so there's probably much I don't understand.
Recently my ISP decided to roll out a stupid filter that my landlord HASN'T opted out of so I'm stuck with filtered internet. Apart from calling my landlord to complain I can't access porn or dodgy sites I decided to t ...

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I can not INSTALL Tor using Windows Vista !

  Hasse   last year

I download TOR installation file from the official TOR site. No possibility for any mistakes there. Then I click on it to install but nothing happens. I also try by right-clicking and then click the "Open" command but same result. This has never happened to me with another downloaded exe ...

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will not open

  abermain   last year

new to TOR.
running windows 7.
when i see a ling on a search it always come up that connection failed/times out/check your firewall.
bit of a noob looked at firewall settings cant see anything there really to change?
any help please?

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messed up my TOR proxy settings

  wayn0   last year

Sorry for this naive question - but somehow I've messed up the proxy settings on my TOR and couldn't find the setting to change it back ( the onion was missing from top left corner) i've deleted both TOT and firefox and re installed them but TOR still won't connect - help, please?!!

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How to configure Tor to use just one circuit? In Windows

  John0   last year

How to configure Tor to use only one circuit ? In Windows, an optionally Linux.
Please easy explanation.

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Hi, Newbie with questions

  u2seek   last year

He floks in the game of hide and go seek internet style.
I had tor working on an open net, now they have shut off tor, and all the goodies.
I went and looked and recieved 3 bridges, I put them in and let it go, I got an inch of green bar ...connecting and then it hangs there. Not going thru. ...

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Encrypting exit nodes, Would this work?

  Texty7   last year

So I had an idea when I was learning about how TOR works.
I'm very beginner when It comes to this topic so high chance this probably doesn't work but still, worth a shot.
A weakness in TOR anonymity is that the exit node to the site is left unencrypted, would this work to prevent that?

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How to set Tor for use in the UK and other countries.

  Brainiac   last year

I am using the latest version of the Tor Browser, but I am at a loss on how to configure it for a UK (and other countries, later on) IP address.
Obviously, I want to appear that I am in the UK. Things have changed with Tor and I would greatly appreciate some assistance. Thanks and ...

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Tor doesn't work

  ozguy   last year

I have install the TOR browser package on my Ubuntu 15.04 PC as per instructions through the Ubuntu software centre.
When I click the TOR browser icon it starts downloading the package again. I believe it supposed to do this the first time I access TOR (updates etc), but not every time.
So ...

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SSH tunneling over Tor?

  emil701   last year

I am trying to create ssh tunnel over tor on Windows machine using Cygwin. I first start Tor service, tor.exe is running on local port 9151. But how to create the ssh tunnel? If i type the command ssh user@xx.xx.xx -D 9151 it says that the address is already in use and it can not implement local for ...

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How to install VLC in Tails and have it remain?

  AliaIactaEst   last year

I recently installed VLC on Tails AFTER enabling APT Lists and APT Packages in Persistence. I used the Debian stable package for VLC and it worked great - but after restarting Tails, VLC is no longer in Persistence? Any ideas?

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Tor stops and starts

  digger   last year

After installing Tor 5.0.2 tor will run for awhile and then stop, sometimes for signifigant periods. Eventially it restarts. I have reinstalled but have the same probloem. Is this something that others are experiencing? and if so ids there a workaround. I have to admit I am pretty much a novice with ...

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TorBrowser v5.0.2 Crashes when....

  Hans   last year

Every time I try to access the web address:
crash Tor-browser and give this mess. "torbrowser Tor Browser has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"
Is there anyone who can confi ...

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A bit too good to be true for performance

  vonariya   last year

A bit too good to be true for performance reasons so managed code does have its advantages it's considered to be more portable but then again at the moment I'm recording this I would argue that intellux the past us has also become at least somewhat portable might Canada logistics jack here when did ...

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How I can run multiple versions of TOR Browser?

  dimas   last year

How I can run multiple versions of TOR Browser on my Windows 7 pc?

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