Basic question

last year

i'm new here,
I've been wondering, if i have a few devices on same home wifi network, and i'm using tor+freenet on my pc, while at the same time my iphone is accessing my gmail acount,
does the iphone reveal my ip adress since it is accessing google from the same home network?
or does my pc is seen as totally seperate pc? (connecting via router)

Thanks! (newbie, guilty as charged)

last year

Whatever you do via Tor Network appears to Google like it is been performed by Tor Exit Node, not by you.

However, it would be strange if Tor Exit Node suddenly sends cookies, that Google assigns to you. Or passes login/password, that belongs to you. That's how Google can guess that Tor Exit Node and you are the same.

So don't mix your traffic, and everything would be fine.


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