Difference between TOR & I2P

last year

Hello everybody!

Can you tell me, what's the .. subj? I know that TOR is mainly for surfing big Internet, and i2p is mostly for internal use. But i2p also has relays to Internet, and TOR has it's own domain .onion so it also can be used "internally", without exit nodes.

The idea of both TOR and I2P (encapsulation of encrypted packets) also pretty much the same. So what is the difference? And what is more secure?


last year

Its not an easy question. you have understood it quite well. i2p is not really for clearnet browsing, for that its slow, you cant up or download and its restricted, like if you enter *proxy* in any form in the url the website with that term in it wont even load.

To give a more precise answer you should read this carefully.

last year

Mathilde, great thanks for your reply! And for the link.

As far as I understood, i2p acts like full TCP/IP wrapper, and TOR is only socks5-proxy. So in TOR you can only "proxify" certain ports, like http (80) or telnet (23), and in i2p you can wrap full tcp/ip stack with all these ICMP-packets and other shit. And what is more important, UDP protocol (hi, uTorrent!) is also possible only in i2p. Is that correct?


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