Directory confusion

last month

I set up my web server to proxy my dirport to port 80 (to try to make things easier for folks who are firewalled) and found something interesting.

The following requests were proxied successfully with code 200 (by count):

12 /tor/server/d/[...]
9 /tor/server/authority.z
8 /tor/server/authority
5 /tor/keys/fp/[...]
4 /tor/status-vote/current/consensus/[...]
2 /tor/status-vote/current/consensus-microdesc/[...]
1 /tor/status-vote/current/consensus.z
1 /tor/running-routers
1 /tor/micro/d/[...]

However, all of these were code 404 (by count):

8016 /tor/status/all.z
4 /tor/server/fp.z
4 /tor/server/d/[...]
3 /tor/status/all
1 /tor/server/d.z
1 /tor/micro/d/[...]

At first I thought something was up with the way I'm doing the proxy, but if I hit port 9030 directly and try to fetch /tor/status/all.z, all I get is a blank page, so I'm assuming it's not a valid URI. That being the case, why the very high count? Is it a 'legacy' URI that is no longer valid, but being requested by older clients? (I know it's at least v2 because it's behind /tor/.)

Just trying to understand the very high number of failures...




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