Download older versions of the Expert Bundle

last year


anybody knows where I can download the previous version or of tor's expert bundle?
Should be a file called or
I searched in and in the torproject's archive and some more without any success.

I use Vidalia with tor which is the actual version for windows, but since I updated to this version, my system is suffering of heavy cpu use because of tor.
I reverted to where I don't see that buggy behaviour since yet but I see now in my logfile that my version is too old.
The recommend version or 13 or newer ones which are not available for windows it seems.

Any hints where I can find for win32?

last year

My logfile says:
Please upgrade! This version of Tor ( is not recommended, according to the directory authorities. Recommended versions are:,,,,,,,,,

last year

No, I was happy too early, with still this is 80-100% CPU Load after a while :(

last year

I try now which is working since yet, but I don't trust the peace.

OT: By the way, if in this forum I could edit my posts, I wouldnt post so many times :)

last year

PC running 10 hours and no CPU freaking anymore with since yet at least :)
Guess that this version works well...

7 months ago

Since then, the old is working without CPU horror. Ok then.
No help here anyway so this is my monolog ;)


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