Get around imposed tethering limit

3 weeks ago

Hi all,

Just getting started with Tor after being introduced by a friend - great fun browsing while knowing there's no-one tracking me to send unsolicited emails trying to sell me stuff, etc.

I have no landline or fixed broadband in my house, and it would cost over 1000 GBP to install one which would only give around 1-2 mbps. Therefore for years we have been using a 15 GB monthly data SIM in a wifi 3G router. This eventually seemed not enough so I contacted Three UK, our mobile broadband provider, and asked them for an upgrade, seeing as I'd been a loyal customer for so long. They replied that there was no means of upping the data limit, but suggested I change to a mobile phone plan and put the SIM in the router. This worked for six months until Three kindly decided to cut off my internet connection and display a message that I could only use the SIM in a phone.

I rang to complain that our internet had been so rudely interrupted, and that the SIM was in the router on their advice, but they stood firm and suggested I put the SIM in a phone and use the unlimited tethering. This was not so good but I did it anyway and used a spare iPhone 4S permanently on charge and installed in an upstairs window for signal (there is no data signal in the house). Again, six months later I got a letter from Three saying the tethering limit was to be reduced from unlimited to 4GB. So again, we're buggered.

Is there any Tor-related way of fooling the network into thinking I'm using the phone for data (still unlimited) when I'm really tethering? I've heard talk of VPNs but am not sure how to do this. Another way might be to make my 3G router mimic a phone.

If you're questioning the morality of this, I'm in a remote area with very little use of the network, and object to paying a monthly fee for unlimited data that I can't use. After all, what difference does it make if I'm tethering or not? There is no alternative provider. Also, I'd like to do this little hack to stick it to the phone company as they've been b@stards to me.


3 weeks ago

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