getting Tor Browser to work with tunein

last year

i wanna listen to a few radio shows from japan, and i've been trying to get them from, a radio channel live streamer. problem is, because i'm geographically not in japan, it's blocking me. i've tried different approcahes, manually setting up a proxy server, using's browser plugin and getting a private account with i suspect that all their common proxy server that ports out to japan are already known by the authority or major websites, so they know those servers are providing access to those outside japan (i'm not sure).

the only thing that worked was Tor (hence i'm here). but whenever i open the said live radio broadcast,, this pops up: (see atttachment). i know that there is flash with my Tor browser since i can watch flash videos -- youtube, etc. so why is it not working with my Tor browser??


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