i Can't Access Any .onion Sites On Tor Browser

6 months ago

hello everyone. i can access only some sites. (silkroad, torchan, hidden wiki, agora forum etc.) how can i access every tor website. when i try enter websites i'm getting this error (The connection has timed out) how can i fix that error and access every site ? (sorry my english is so bad)

5 months ago

It should "just work" without doing anything extra. If it doesn't, either you're not set up right, or the site is down.
Here's one that I just tested to be working (hidden wiki):

One other possibility, odd though it sounds, is that your clock is wrong. Tor needs an accurate system clock to coordinate with the network, and this is especially important for hidden services. Make sure both the time and time zone are correct.

3 months ago

I cant access any onion sites either, except for hidden wiki and duckduckgo. Someone give me a hand please


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