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last year


I have been a Tor user for several years (maybe more), but for the last 2 or 3 releases I have encountered a problem.

I use Tor slightly different on my USB drive than I do at home, because there are a lot of features I like to access when I'm at work without using the work browsers. So, I have my browser set-up to accept some cookies, to remember passwords and certain forms. I also have one add-on that's really important to me to access that I'm having issues with: X-notifier. I know this can affect my anonymity, but for when I'm at work, it's more important to know I have emails than to be anonymous.

The issue is: X-Notifier has stopped working for one of my webmail accounts. I have my own website and the webmail for that site can be accessed via IMAP. No matter what I do, in the last few versions of Tor, I cannot get these to check without completely disabling Tor. This is odd because other webmail accounts (IE: AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) work fine, as long as I tell Tor to accept cookies). I know it is a Tor issue because I have these accounts set up in my non-tor browser (also on FireFox ESR) and it checks them without a problem. And with my computer-based client (Apple Mail) it also checks/downloads the emails using the same server settings. It is only in Tor that I have any issues with X-Notifier not checking the webmail accounts.

I tried setting up X-Notifier to check via POP3 and that didn't work either. If I goto the physical website, I have no issues logging in (even in my Tor browser). In a desperate trouble-shooting attempt, I even tried the Non-SSL settings (which also did not work).

It would really make my day if someone could provide some insight into why this is happening and what I can do to fix it. Since X-Notifier works everywhere else (and worked in previous versions), I'm thinking it's a Tor issue, so rather than bugging tobwithu, I thought I would try here and see if anyone has any ideas.

Thanks in Advanced!


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