Orbot wont work

last year

I recently got an ASUS zenfone 4 and decided I wanted to use tor, I downloaded orbot and orweb from the google play store but when I go to start tor I says "Torrc config did not verify" and when I go into the Log it says
Orbot is starting
Orbot is starting
waiting for control port
tor:PRE:is binary exec? true
polipo:PRE:is binary exec? true
obfsclient:pre:is binary exec? true
xtables:PRE:is binary exec? true
Orbot is starting
Orbot is starting
updating torrc custom configuration
Orbot is starting
Tor(139):segmentation fault
Unable to start Tor:java.lang.Exception:Tor config did not verify

Edit: After some research I found out that tor is not supported on Intel atom processors, Does anyone know of any means to fixing this?
https://dev.guardianproject.info/issues/4273I got my info here


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