Potentially Dangerous Connection!

last year


I performed a search and got the error that the terms were too common..

Running FF 30.0 on Windows 7, I set up SOCKS host, SOCKS v5 and checked Remote DNS -> Potentially Dangerous Connection!

Someone suggested in a post (that I managed to find via Google) that the error might be because the OP was using http instead of https. Well, loading https://check.torproject.org/ generates that warning as well with the site message "Congratulations. This browser is configured to use Tor.".

So I am really trying to help out here.. even creating the account for posting here required an answer that was impossible to find at torproject.org and very difficult on Google (tor "the onion"). Oh, help out? Yeah, there's also the "No UPnP-enabled devices found" issue but I'll create a new thread for that.. and you're not making it easy to contribute. I perform web searches, search the forum, the site and NO ANSWERS.


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