Problem with tor

8 months ago

Hi, I am using Win8 and extracted Tor to my Desktop. I dont want to run "Start Tor Browser.exe" cause I dont want to use TorBrowser. I need to use Chrome. So I went to /Tor and executed "tor.exe". With that I can use tor in my Chrome, that's nice.
However when I change the Data/Tor/torrc to include some configurations they dont take effect in my Tor. I close it, open it and it's like if my torrc never existed. So how to I make Tor dont ignore torrc if it's executed directly from /Tor/tor.exe ?
One last problem: when I go to cmd and type:
start "" "C:\Users\XXX\Desktop\Tor Browser\Tor\tor.exe" -any-parameter-here
the tor never starts. I check it on Task Manager and it never opens. Only if I remove the -any-parameter-here it starts fine.
Thank you for solving this problem.
My tor version is the latest.

8 months ago

If you're not going to use Tor Browser, I recommend getting the Relay Bundle instead (you can just turn relaying off, if you don't want to do that). There's no point in messing with the browser bundle if you're don't want to use it they way it was intended.


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