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I have been researching and trying to do this all day but I just can't seem to figure this out.

I got a windows VPS that I acces with Windows Remote Desktop Protocol ( RDP ). Now I want to connect to my VPS thru TOR.
I found out this is defenitly possible using "proxify" programs that can channel all connections thru TOR. The easiest one that people seem to recommed is "Putty".

I have no clue how proxy programs such as Putty works, everything I try fails, and all the documentation I can find seems to be above my technological level.
I found this great piece of advice on this threat: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=21279, but I still don't get how I need to configure Putty...

There are several solutions for this.

1) You can 'torify' any application, that doesn't support proxy. There are a lot of programs to do this: widecap, sockscap, opencap, proxify, proxifier, torify... Full list is here:

2) You can set up simple TCP port forwarding by either netcat or ssh -L and 'torify' only that port forwarder application, not RDP itself.

3) For Windows a combination of Tor & Putty seems to be sufficient:
Read this ... n-windows/
and then this viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18315#p19069 (5th posting by me).

4) Also you can try this application: Transparent TCP-to-SOCKS Proxy Gateway
Sounds like exactly what you need :)

I got pretty basic knowledge on this ( I know how to use TOR / proxy etc ), but as soon as you start talking about SSH tunnels I'm lost.

So I am hoping there is someone out here who can tell me exactly how to configure Putty ( or any other proxify program ), so that it will channel my RDP / VPS connection thru TOR. I would even be down to give someone a small donation to help me out.

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First, you should be able to connect with Putty to your VPS. Without proxies, without Tor, just plain SSH shell.

Second, here is how to create port forwarding: ... forwarding

In your situation there's should be something like (any free port on localhost) -> (IP and Port of your Windows RDP).

Now open Putty connection, and without closing it try to connect to RDP using
It should "forward" your connection via existing Putty SSH session, and let you see the distant VPS by accessing it with "local" IP-address.

And the third, final part. Now it's time to make Putty use Tor. Open Putty, click on "Connection -> Proxy" on the left, add type Proxy settings for Tor: Type Socks5, IP:localhost, Port 9050 (data-port, not control port).

That's it. Now Putty asks Tor to choose Tor Exit Node, Tir Exit Node connects to your VPS by SSH and creates tunnel for RDP, then Putty opens local port 9595 that is RDP port for your VPS. You use localhost:9595 to connect to distant RDP.


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