Questions about using Tor systemwide on mac

7 months ago


I want to use Tor systemwide on my computer. I read about how to do this and made the configurations; I set SOCKS proxy as localhost:9150 and my firefox says that this browser is configured to use Tor and none of my applications besides Spotify work if I quit Tor Browser.

I was all happy to use Tor systemwide but yesterday my ISP realized that I'm trying to connect to a censored site in my country and triggerd the censorship information. Then I performed a leak test in, I got the information that I use an anonymous proxy without any dns leaks. With that same identity I tried to open the same site and I was able to connect. Then I quit Tor Browser to check a direct connection possibility but Firefox did not connect anywhere when I do that. I opened spotify to test the connection with ads and I got the ads on my native language, that shows that I was not anonymous I guess.

So, how could this happen? Any ideas?



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