running tor browser in Alpine linux

5 months ago

I am using Alpine linux distro and trying to run the tor browser bundle

Thing is, I have to execute start-tor-browser script, so in terminal I put command:


Nothing happens, the browser wont start cause Alpine Linux is using Trusted path execution, grsec.

Now if I put command, and enter my password:

sudo /home/alex/tor-browser_en-US/Browser/start-tor-browser

The browser starts without problem but the script is not suppose to be run as root or with root privileges, I think that running it with sudo is not secure at all and is not recommended.

The same goes for this other browser, I have to execute flashpeak-slimjet script

Is there anyway I can run the scripts without using sudo?
Or do I have to disable trusted path execution option in the kernel? If yes, how can I do that?
Or is imposible to run this 2 browsers in Alpine Linux distro?


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