Show and change current Tor network connection node chain?

last year

Assume I started Tor, Vidalia and TorBrowser successully.

Now I opened the "Tor network map" window.
In the middle part of that window a list with columns "Connection + Status" and 5 lines appears

Does the topmost connection (of 3 nodes) represent the current node chain which is currently used by my computer?
If not what does it represent otherwise? Just one possible connection chain out of many?

How can I find out otherwise the currently used node chain used by my browser?

More in general:
Is the "Tor network map" window just a general "read-only" information for the user?

Or can I moreover change my current Tor connection and hence influence my Tor access THROUGH THIS WINDOW?


last year

It's just information. You can create new circuits by getting a new identity.

last year

Ok, thank you.

Is there a way to find out the current circuit/node chain?


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